July 30, 2010

Trip to the Beach, Toy Store Meltdowns, Agreeing on Peach (ECA Day 3)...

It was early Monday morning, and we knew what we had to do...

After all the build-up, all the talk over the past several months, Sassy was dying to get to the beach. After all, we had been in Cape Cod for over 36 hours without visiting the ocean or collecting sheshells. What were we thinking?

Sassy was so excited! Here is a little video I took from our bedroom before we left for the beach:

We decided to stay local for the day, and walked from our cottage down Depot St. to the first beach we hit. After being there for a while, Ashley and I came to the joint conclusion that we were likely on a private stretch of beach, but no one said anything to us, so we stayed. Chalk it up to {in}experience.

Sassy was so stinkin' excited to search for sheshells that she didn't even bother to take her swimsuit cover-up off for quite some time. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that she had her green pail 3/4 full with shells and other ocean treasures within 20 minutes. No joke.

Ash and I were finally able to convince her to take her cover-up off and, you know, stay a while... She continued to entertain herself by digging in the sand, collecting seashells, and showing us each and every one before placing it in her bucket.

I finally convinced her to take a break from her shell excavation and join me in dipping our feet in the ocean. She was pretty impressed with the vastness of her surroundings. It was fun explaining to her that the ocean went on for miles and miles and miles, further than we could ever see with our own eyes. It was such a special day for me as a Mom- to be with my girl making these memories that would last forever. I am so grateful that we are in a place to be able to afford opportunities such as this to our kids. Priceless.

Ashley, Sassy, and I had some fun frolicking in the ocean. The water was fairly chilly, but it was refreshing, also. We definitely enjoyed our time at the beach!

Sassy was slightly perturbed when I told her that she had to choose 15 of her favorite shells to take with her. At this point, I had no idea how many times we would be going to the beach throughout the week, but I envisioned needed an additional suitcase for Sassy's haul, so I had to draw the line somewhere. I think she snuck in a few extra for the day, but who's counting, really?

It was still fairly early, but our tummies were getting grumbly, so we decided to walk back to the cottage. Thank goodness we did, because not long after we returned home, it started to torrentially downpour. We had planned to grab hot dogs, but it was an outdoor hot dog stand, so no bones. We stopped at Joey's Pizzeria instead, and it was delish! (Thanks Frommer's) Even better than the food was conversing with Joey, the owner. Between his thick Boston accent and his charm and wit, all made for a very enjoyable lunch experience. Oh, and best Buffalo Chicken Pizza EVER!

We escaped the rain and chilled in the cottage for the afternoon. It was very relaxing to be inside and listen to the rain fall. Not going to lie, I kinda wish I was back there right now.

We ate leftover pizza and Chili's for dinner, and headed over to Orleans to take Sassy to The Red Balloon Toy Shop. I was looking for a place to buy Little A a Corolle Calin doll as a souvenir, and this was the place! For whatever reason, Sassy decided it a fine time to be a grump-a-lump, and she just couldn't choose a thing she wanted. I was about ready to leave her there, but she finally agreed to some coloring and sticker books, and we were on our way...

Just before heading home, we stopped at Sundae School. I honestly don't remember waiting in such lines ever for food before (Mike's Pastry, ice cream, hot dogs, etc)... so were excited for what was in store...

Sassy was a bit upset because the majority of the choices contained either chocolate or red dye, but with the help of a really friendly girl behind the counter, we settled on peach. I chose a blackberry ice cream with white chocolate chips. It was really yummy!

Finally, we returned to the cottage and got some rest. We were ready for what lied ahead the next day...

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