July 14, 2010

Our Super Summer Vacay, Part I

So, back a million weeks ago at the end of June, Sassy, Little A and I set out on the first leg of our Super Summer Vacay (SSV). I'll attempt to recap as best I can, but truth be told, it has all become a bit of a blur.

We rode to Lawrence with Lynzee, LMB, and LuLu and we stayed 2 nights at Lynzee's parents. As soon as we hit town, he had some Mexican food for lunch and headed straight to the "seal pool", affectionately named by the girls for the seal statues located inside the gates.

The kids had a blast- and the pool goes from zero-depth to a max of 24 inches, so it's less stress-inducing than the bigger pools (not that we let the kids out of our supervision for a split second... it's still a water environment). Little a spent most of her time trying to steal other kids toys (ick) and drink the pool water (double ick).

It was SUPER hot. While the girls were playing, Lynzee went on a hunt to find us a cold drink, and all they had stocked was sugary pop. No water. No diet. (triple ick). Of course, the kids couldn't have cared less that it felt like 127 degrees outside... in the shade.

When we had finally had enough, we attempted to re-dress in the extremely icky pool bathroom (quadruple ick).

We were finally able to head to Lynzee's parent's house and allow the girls to rest and nap. Lynzee and I caught an hour or so of peace and quiet. It was divine!

After naps, we did dinner at Freestate, baths, and bed. And, a Target run for Lynzee and I, of course!

Saturday morning, Lynzee and I went to have our hair and eyebrows done while Nana and Ma so graciously watched the girls. It felt fantastic to get highlights again! I don't know what it is... I like having my hair dark and chocolaty, but highlights make me feel fresh and young and, well, good. Afterwards, Lynzee and I may or may not have taken advantage of our baby-sitters and ran to the big Old Navy sale for a minute an hour. I think I finally found a dress to wear to Dawn & Keith's wedding, too. Exciting stuff, I tell you.

We did lunch at home (Papa Murphy's) and let the girls play outside in the sprinklers and slip'n'slide while Lynzee and I roasted in the scorching sun. Try not to be too confused by the bathing suits- Sassy swapped with LuLu. LuLu resembled the Saggy Baggy Elephant in hers, and Sassy had a perma-wedge in hers. Then, Lynzee found a cute bikini at ON for LuLu, and Sassy now resembled a cross between the Saggy Baggy Elephant and Skeletor. What can I say, really?!?

Lynzee and I helped make chicken parm and squash casserole for dinner. Sassy began to not feel well, so I laid her down in bed for a while and the rest of us ate dinner. Naturally, she felt much better when it was time to go to LMB's favorite park, so we all went. Unfortunately, our trip was short lived when LMB realized she had to go potty, and there were no bathrooms in sight. A small meltdown ensued as we ushered the kids back into the van, but really, it was a day in the life...

After the kids were in bed, I transferred things from bag to suitcase, suitcase to bag, bag to purse, etc. so that we would be ready for our flight to Chicago Sunday morning. Leg II of SSV was about to commence!

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Alyssa said...

Nothing more fun for kids than playing in the water, fun pics! And nothing more fun for mom than getting a break for shopping and hair!