July 16, 2010

Our Super Summer Vacay, Part VI

We decided to spend the day downtown Tuesday. Sassy remembered our trip last fall quite clearly, and she was anxious to get back. We scrapped the whole driving thing and hopped on the train, which turned out to be a wonderful idea. We ended up a block from where we wanted to be, and the girls LOVED rising the train. In fact, they have been asking to ride a train again ever since we did this. A stark difference from public transportation, but fun to them just the same.

We headed straight to Millennium Park after we got off the train. It was a very hot day, but we enjoyed walking around the gardens and seeing the statues and sculptures.

Sassy was excited to head to the bean, so we did. It was fun to see Little A so into it this year. She wasn't quite as mesmerized during our last visit, so it was a nice reminder as to how big she is getting! We got our fill of the classic reflection poses and silly shots!

All summer long, Millennium Park is teaming with Target to offer a Family Fun Festival, with different theme weeks throughout the season. We happened to visit during China Week, where the Chinese-American Museum of Chicago had various interactive games, crafts, and displays to do for free. The girls even got their names translated into Chinese to hang in their bedrooms.

After all that fun, it was time for a lunch break. We jetted down Michigan Ave. and had lunch at one of our favs... Noodles & Co.

After lunch, we headed back to The Crown Fountain, and this time we were prepared with bathing suits and everything! The girls had a blast playing in the water, and it was really fun to watch them splish and splash away! It was crowded, but manageable, and memorable for sure.

We boarded the train towards home, and this was the sight to see in about 5 minutes, tops:

Another successful trip downtown for the books, and we could feel our summer trip to Chicago nearing an end...

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Sarah said...

OMG, the pic where Little A is standing next to the Bean (I think that's what you called it!), she looks so much like Sassy!!

Looks like you had fun!