November 24, 2009

Dallas, Part II

Finally, it was wedding time. I was incredibly rushed to get ready, and Tyler had to make a quick stop at the store after he realized he forgot his pants for the wedding. Men.

Brandon insisted I take a picture of the photo M&M's- they were pretty neat. They also had ones that said Our Wedding... in English and German.

Alyssa, Ashley, and I were smokin', of course!

And, then Bastian decided to spring the news on me. Nicole had her best friend Jamie there as her maid of honor, and Bastian asked if I would be his best man for the American wedding. I felt honored. So, here's a pic from afar of the four of us up with the officiant:

And, the newlyweds...

Ashley and Sassy celebrated the union... doesn't Sassy look slightly possessed?

John looked quite sinister as he helped pop the corks on several champagne bottles...

The cake was beautiful... and delicious! In fact, I sit here and eat a wonderful, white chocolaty, mousse-y, strawberry-y piece as we speak I write.

Sassy watched with curiosity as Tyler helped pour the champagne.

I got about 3 words into my impromptu, not rehearsed, not planned, not expected wedding toast before I was a crying mess. I'll spare you the pictures.

Here's one of my Mom and Dad with the newlyweds:

And... the boys. Isn't my hubby short? HA- that's what you get for befriending football players.

Bastian and Nicole even had a (tongue in cheek) wedding pinata! Sassy thought this was the greatest.idea.EVER!

She looked cute with her assault weapon...

She ended up with all kinds of loot...

...for which she needed to spend extensive amounts of time sorting. She has a thing with that, remember?

After the champagne and cake reception, we headed out as one large group for dinner.




It was, perhaps, the best dinner I have ever had in my entire life.

We went to Rafain Brazilian Steakhouse. For whatever reason, I have lived 27.5 years of sheltered existence and never knew the concept behind Brazilian steakhouses. In case you are in the same boat, let me take a moment to explain...

You start out at a limitless salad bar. There were salads, cous cous, tabouli, gourmet cheeses, olives, smoked salmon, fresh asparagus the diameter of a garden hose, marinated portabellas... you name it.

We'd barely begun devouring our salad plates when our waiters began to haul out huge skewers of meat. Lots of meat. Sixteen varieties of meat. They kept coming and coming and coming. Every bite was better than the last. I tried four of the varieties, and I was BEYOND stuffed. Delicious.

Pair this with an expansive dessert bar and several delicious caipirinhas... it was truly a religious experience.

I SO regret not taking any beautiful pictures. There were so many opportunities. But, to be quite frank, I was too busy eating.

I wish I could say that we all returned to the hotel and partied until the sun came up. But, that would be a lie. We were all so exhausted and so full that we decided to make the night short and get some rest. I was in bed in time to catch DMB on SNL.

I'll have just a few more photos and stories to share from Dallas, but I think I will leave that for tomorrow.

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