June 16, 2011

The Digital Scavenger Hunt...

So, I mentioned the digital scavenger hunt in my last post. It was our last full day on the cruise, and we were all getting pretty desperate for a hunk of 24-carat-gold-plastic-piece-of-ship-on-a-stick {i.e. Carnival trophy} or 24-carat-gold-medal-ship-on-a-rope {i.e. Carnival medallion}. We'd played practically every trivia game possible and had not come up winners yet.

I take that back. Tom won one or two medallions for sports trivia that he played solo.

Anyway, the digital scavenger hunt was fun. You had to stay together as a group and only use one camera. You basically had to find the things on the list, take a picture of each with someone in your group in each picture, and get back in time to qualify. I think there was a list of twenty things with four bonuses.

Tom was our photographer, and Tyler was our go-to do something stupid guy {like jump in the pool clothed}...

Pictures via Tom's camera... not always the best quality. We were in a hurry, people.

1. A copy of today's carnival cruise itinerary
2. Someone with tattoos
3. In the glass elevator
4. At the spa

5. With a towel animal {see, I kept those babies for a reason...}
6. With hate and sunglasses
7. With a Carnival trophy or medallion {yeah, Tom...}
8. Shaving with shaving cream on

9. A man with lipstick
10. In the pool.
11. With someone from the Philippines {yeah, bartender}
12. With someone from Russia {we stumbled upon one of our dinner attendants, Liliya}

13. With the cruise "tail"
14. Under the big screen
15. With random people kissing {this was our second try. In our first attempt, we forgot to be in the picture... one of the rules. Thankfully, we ran into some of our piano bar friends...}
16. On the mini golf course

17. With someone in a red bikini
18. In sight of another vessel {it's there, promise. Top left}
19. With a "group hug" taking place
20. With someone with a beer belly {in this case, not beer...}

So, we missed 4, including the bonuses. We could not, for the life of us, find someone in a speedo. Maybe not such a bad thing. Also could not find life boat #13. I am still convinced that there was no life boat 13. It seriously went 11, 15, 17, etc. According to the guy running trivia, there is a life boat 13 somewhere. More on that later...

I can't remember the other two we missed.

Anyway, we WON! Our team found the most things in the 25 minutes we had to play. It was so fun, and we all got our medals. YEAH!

Oh, and Kendra, to address your comment from yesterday... I am SO SAD that I didn't have my camera or phone with me at the time, but my very first drink on the boat was a frozen strawberry daiquiri (with a pina colada swirl on top)... just for you, girl! It was delicious!

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Kendra said...

Yummmm....this peach arbor mist (yea for $3 wine)I'm sipping is not even a close second to how delicious your drink sounds! =)

That scavenger hunt looks like so much fun!!! And I'd say NOT being able to find someone in a speedo makes EVERYBODY a winner.