June 14, 2011

Wanti, wanti, cyan getti, getti, getti nuh want it...

Or something like that.

We had the pleasure of living it up in Ocho Rios, Jamaica on Thursday, 6/2.

Jamaica was pretty awesome. The stingrays remained my favorite excursion, but Jamaica as a whole was so much fun. Everyone was so nice. And jovial. I like happy people.

Let me start of by saying that we braved uncharted territory and booked our Jamaica excursion outside of Carnival. They recommend not doing so, but Peat Taylor Tours had such awesome reviews, and we are so glad we went with them. Our guide was Peat Taylor Jr. aka RePeat. HA! He was a lot of fun, and gave just enough background without being annoying. They made our trip comfortable and fun. No problem mon.

First, we stopped at Dunn's River Falls. After some debate, I decided not to climb. I'm not a huge fan of heights, and I hate the feeling of slipping, so really, it was a no-brainer. Tyler, Tom, and Lynzee took it on as I viewed their trek and took pictures, of course. I think all parties involved will appreciate the un-close-ups on this venture, but feel free to click for a slightly closer gander!

Lynzee exited before the guys finished the final climb. She said I would have hated it. It was pretty tough the first third, and she was the only one in their climbing group to not take a fall. No thanks! I'll just step in and appreciate the beauty where it's safe!

After the falls, we headed out to a place PT Tours call Irie Blue Hole. I think it's one of their exclusive spots or something. Repeat told us it's a place he's played at since he was a boy. We loved it, though. It gave us the real feel of being secluded in the middle of a neat, tropical lair. Oh, and irie is a form of the word "good", in case you were curious... ♥

All the factors came together- the sounds, the smells, the humidity in the air. Oh, and the Red Stripe provided as we exited the bus certainly didn't hurt.

Nary a Red stripe tasted so good. Maybe it's all in my head. Or maybe they're really better in Jamaica, mon.

So, the highlight of the Blue Hole was the swinging Tarzan vine. Lynzee and Tyler both gave it a whirl. Tyler was pretty skilled. The guy even commented that he must have done this before. HA!

It was so gorgeous there!

They also had little rock ledges and cliffs to jump from. Tyler was the only one of the four of us crazy enough for that adventure. Here he is jumping of the lowest one. Yep, he kept on going...

Clearly, there's only one way to cap off adventures like these...

After some swimming, swinging, and sipping, interlaced with intermittent drizzle, we went on a little nature hike.

It was pretty awesome.

And, neat to learn about some of our surroundings.

We witnessed our guide attempt feats that we would never dream of. Then, we had some more time to chill and enjoy the features of the blue hole. It was criss.

Our last stop was for some authentic Jamaican jerk. Yum!

As we enjoyed our late lunch on a covered outdoor patio, the rain started coming down a bit harder. By the time we were in line to reboard the ship, it was pouring. I mean pouring. Bless that crew, scurrying to hand out warm towels as we stood in line. Our wait wasn't too bad, yet we still dripped, sopping wet, all the way to our stateroom. Just as soon as we finished our hot showers and slipped into dry clothing, we viewed the line of people waiting to reboard that wrapped around the ship, all the way across the bridge, and past the dock. CRAZY!

Thursday was also our second formal dinner evening. We naturally landed back at the piano bar, where Lynzee and I treated the crowd to both Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire and Meatloaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Light with Dave the piano guy and strange man #1.


Alcoholic beverages were involved.

All in all, Jamaica was pretty rockin'. Yeah mon.

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Kendra said...

Looks like SO much fun!!!! You are rockin' that blonde hair! And your swimsuit cover up is SO cute!!