June 21, 2011

Since We've Been Home: Week 2

We enjoyed another week last week at home and recovering from our vacation! I did return to home visiting, but had the bulk of my visits Tuesday during the day, so still not so bad.

Monday, Lynzee and I packed a picnic lunch for the girls and headed to Wichita to one of the interactive fountain parks they have available. The girls had so much fun!

Of course eating was not too high on their priority list for the day, but playing in the water sure was!

The fountains is a heck of a place to discover your bikini is two sizes too big, too {ahem, Sassy}...

Fun was had by all, despite the wardrobe malfunction(s).

The girls took periodic breaks to warm up in the hot, hot sun {and the warmth of their cozy towels}...

Then, they all played just a little bit more. Hey... it's summer.

Tuesday, the girls spent some time at Nana's while I worked. Tuesday night, Lynzee, Lisa, and I went to see Bridesmaids after the kids' t-ball games. It was funny, and nice to get out for a bit with the girls.

Wednesday, the girls spent some time at NDO (Nana's Day Out, which has replaced Mother's Day out for the summer for both mine and Lynzee's girls). Lynzee and I ran errands, went to the pool, and then I hosted bunco Wednesday night... theme: June Burger Bar. It was fun, and after several months of playing, I actually won $20!

Thursday, I had one home visit in the morning, and we had intentions of taking the girls to the pool, but had to settle for some playing at McDonald's considering the nasty weather. It cleared up in time for t-ball, though, and then it was baths, bed, and off to trivia!

Friday, we had plans to get picked up by Lynzee, her Mom, and the girls to take a trip to the mall. We wanted to check out the new Sephora, buy E a birthday gift, let the girls play in the indoor play place, and have lunch at Noodles.

The girls picked out really cute dresses to wear, so I took my camera outside and snapped away while we waited for Lynzee to arrive.

They had fun posing like "garden fairies"...

I had fun playing with sun flare and practicing my shooting from the hip skills...

It's ridiculously fun...

I know I am incredibly biased, but my goodness, these girls are gorgeous!

And so, so sprite-ly!

Back to regular camera hold, and one last one before we hit the road...

After returning home and taking a nice rest, we headed to the Derby Days parade Friday evening.

Sassy was ready for some action!

She was in a very silly mood- can you tell?

I was trying to catch the girls' attention by asking them to look at what color butterflies were inside my lens. It worked for a bit...

And then I think they began looking too hard. HA!

Finally, the parade was under way...

And, it culminated with something everyone can enjoy on a sweltering hot evening- popsicles!

Friday night, the girls & I had some cuddle time while Tyler went out with a few friends and played poker.

Saturday morning, it was back up to the mall for some errands and Miss E's 5th birthday party at Build-A-Bear. We've been to BAB lots of times, but this was our first birthday party experience there, and it was great.

If there's one downfall to BAB, it has got to be the worse place in the known universe to take pictures, in regards to lighting. I've yet to figure out how to utilize my flash to best suit the environment. Hence, the tone-friendly pics! ♥

The girls were given a more-than-generous amount to spend each on whatever animal, outfits, shoes, and accessories they wished for. E chose the blue peace sign bear, K chose a pink bear, and Sassy chose a lamb.

The stuffed, loved, hugged, cuddled, brushed, bathed, clothed, named, and styled away...

The girls were just itching to give E her gifts, so they did, right int he middle of the store! Miss E seemed pretty pleased with all of her new, fabulous treasures!

We took a little group picture before we departed. Happy Birthday, E! You are one pretty special little lady! ♥

We spent Saturday evening hanging out in Lisa & Adam's backyard, letting the kids run around, enjoying the fire, and of course making S'mores before we were forced out by nasty weather. Ah, Kansas.

Sunday, my parents came over for homemade waffles to kick off Father's Day. We took the girls to the pool.

Went to Cherry Berry. My Mom brought over a big crock pot full of Wick Fowler's Chili for dinner. Tyler served homemade ice cream he and the girls had made with his new ice cream maker. Then, the girls played with this, a gift for Sassy's birthday from AK & UJ.

Doesn't it just look like something you would have killed for as a little kid?

Yeah, me too.

Thus concludes another semi-crazy busy week in the SPH.

Which brings me to the present time, VBS week, ARC training week, and while summer has just officially begun, it sadly feels like it's already dwindling.

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