June 29, 2011

Challenger Soccer Week: Keeping Busy...

We've been having a great time this week, hosting our Challenger Soccer Coaches, Adam & Kellie.

Adam has worked Challenge camps previously, and has probably done more traveling of the States than I have. Kellie, on the other hand, is enjoying her first visit Stateside.

Both are assigned to a Midwest region for the summer, so they've been coaching so far in Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.

Anyway, Sassy has been enjoying camp a lot so far. She's one of the youngest and definitely the smallest, but she's hanging in there. They have such neat drills and games, and I think we will gain a lot of experience over the week.

Tink has been such a good sport. It breaks my heart a little every time I see her watch from afar...

But, she's been taking it all in stride, and having a GREAT time with Kellie & Adam when we're all together. She's been given a bit of special treatment at camp, too, like being allowed to participate int he last game of the session and things like that.

The challenge for me has been trying to figure out what the heck to do to keep us busy. These guys have had the opportunity to stay in some really nice places and do some pretty incredible things with their host families. I'm trying to provide opportunities here to keep us on par.

I have a feeling the little kids are going to run these big kids ragged this week. Hope they came prepared!

Monday after camp, we enjoyed a little get together with Tom, Lynzee and the girls. I made some Asian Lettuce Wraps and peanut butter pasta and we headed off to The Alley for some bowling, followed by a frozen treat at Orange Leaf. If any one's keeping track, yes, that means we went there two days in a row. Adam proclaimed it the best ice cream {yogurt} he's ever had. Success!!

Of course, I brought my camera with. Unfortunately, I forgot to change my battery after the recital, and had no spare. Sad. You'll have to take our word for it that we had a fun time!

Yesterday, Sassy attended camp in the morning while I did a bit of work from home. After camp and lunch, we headed out west to Palace West in hopes of catching Rio, but it was sold out! That's what we get for trying to catch a deal, I guess... Instead, we went to the mall- Adam & Kellie wanted to do a bit of shopping and the girls love playing in the little play area.

While I prepared dinner, Sassy & Tink had Kellie coloring away. I'm pretty sure they're wrapping her tighter and tighter around those little chubby fingers as the days go on...

I made taco salad, spanish rice, and quesadillas for dinner, and we played int he backyard and enjoyed an adult beverage or two.

It was quite a beautiful night and we figured we'd best enjoy it considering an inferno is heading our way...

The girls showed off their monkey skills as we adults, well...

Tink kept Adam thoroughly entertained with stories and pig snorts.

And Kellie taught the girls some new tricks. I am always impressed when Tink can catch on to these motor activities loads faster than Sassy. Weird.

After baths, we had a movie/popcorn party in the basement and watched Toy Story 3 together.

It's been fun so far! I'm taking suggestions for must-sees in town, unique experiences, or really anything to stay out of the 106 degree weather... ideas???

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Erin Dashiell said...

Well it doesn't help to stay out of the weather, but Cowtown Museum is doing a special activity on Saturday for the Fourth of July! Though I'm sure many Museums in town are doing something fun for the Holiday. I don't know, I'm not very good at coming up with ideas :) Looks like you all have had a lot of fun already!!