June 20, 2011

Since We've Been Home: Week 1

I'm determined to get all caught up to present life before we make our way on our next adventure, so here goes...

Since We've Been Home...

I decided that instead of jumping right back into work, I would take things easy for the remainder of that first week and only work a bit. I am so, so happy I did. It gave me plenty of time to spend with the girls, and we were really able to kick things off for summer!

It was so great to get home to the girls!

Tuesday, the girls and I just hung around the house. They helped me unpack and work on laundry and we talked about all of the fun things they got to do with Nana and Graycop while we were gone. I also told them about all some of the neat things Daddy and I got to do while we were gone!

Tink and I spent some time together while Ty and Sassy went to T-Ball. We pretty much just vegged Tuesday night after T-Ball. Vacation is exhausting!

Wednesday, the girls spent time at Nana's while I finished getting the house back in order. I met up with R, C, and E at Paint the Towne. We painted Starry Night, and we had a blast! I can't wait to do it again!

{via Ragan's I-Phone}

Here's a close-up of my masterpiece!

Thursday, I did go in to work for a bit for our Kindermusik class, but the girls came with me! Later that day, the girls raided my {still not completely unpacked} suitcase and discovered a new fashion trend that I have a feeling will remain very popular int he SPH this summer:

I also finally managed to make time to snap a few pictures of Sassy's T-Ball experience. She's on the dark blue team, Go Cubs!

Tink is Sassy's number one fan... unless she convinces Lynzee or I to take her and LuLu over to the adjoining park!

It's all pretty comical to watch, but Sassy does a nice job. Here's a few pictures of her hitting and running to first...

Friday, the girls and I spent some time playing out front while I began to document for Ten on Ten. Playing with the roly-poly topped the list of activities completed out there.

Sassy wore the new dress that Nana bought her (with matching shoes) from the Calypso line at Target. Loved the colors this summer!

We picked up Nana and went to see Nikki over at Venus Flytrap for some much overdue haircuts for the girls. Tink's hair was so long, I actually momentarily considered growing it out, but I'm just not ready to say goodbye to the pixie cut. Sassy was excited to have her hair shampooed for the first time- a treat every girl should enjoy, right?

I also took advantage of Nikki's awesome style and took a picture of my Mom and the girls so she'd have one to put in her "Nana" frame that Sassy bought her a while back. The cool flytrap candy dish and plant from my Ten on Ten post were also courtesy of the shop!

We also drove up to Andover for the Leah LaRae Baby Sale and scored several pillowcase dresses and a bag full of hair pretties for next to nothing. Cute stuff!

Friday afternoon, the girls and I met Lynzee, LMB, and LuLu at Rock River Rapids, the pool we bought passes for this summer. The girls had a blast! I didn't want to take my camera to the pool, so I snapped a few for Ten on Ten before we left the house...

Is there anything cuter than little girls in cute little bathing suits, being silly in the summer? I think not.

Let me just tell you, I was not under-appreciative to get home see these smiling faces, that's for sure!

Oh, and here is one of Sassy in her adorable swimsuit cover-up made by my friend Mandy at Dulu Designs. You should definitely check her out for summer and back-to-school. Just wait until you see what she's working on for Sassy for Kindergarten! ♥

Saturday, Tyler went sailing with a guy from work (he was in HEAVEN when he got that invitation) and the girls and I went with my parents up to Great Plains Nature Center for their Walk with the Wildlife event. It was HOT, so we didn't hang long, but it was neat!

We went on an animal fact scavenger hunt, and the girls especially enjoyed seeing (and touching and holding) the snakes.

We went on a bit of a nature walk and then headed to Il Vicino for lunch.

Saturday evening, we held the second of what I hope will become a traditional event in our parts. Inspired by my friend MK, who holds weekly "fire-pit Fridays" with her neighbors, we've begun to get together with some friends and their kiddos... we kick back, relax, make some S'mores and have a beer or two on the weekends. So far, it's been pure bliss!

Sunday, Tyler, my Dada and I met up with some friends at took in a Wingnuts game. The girls had the best time running around like hooligans and stuffing their faces with peanuts and popcorn... you know, what baseball is really about.

Sassy and her good friend, Bubs.

And so we wrapped up week one of being home. Relaxing? Not so much. Busy? As ever. Awesome? You bet!

3 sweet tweets:

Rachel said...

Great painting! And oh my goodness, Sassy looks more like Tyler every day!

Erin Dashiell said...

OMG, those swimsuits are darling!! I especially love Tink's! Her pixi cut is also adorable, keep it up :)

Kendra said...

Ok like 5 things...

-I heart the Calypso line soooo much

-LOVE the little girlies in their swimsuits!!

-I am not ready to see the pixie cut go either...I figured I better tell you that since I know you were DYING to know my opinion on the matter while trying to make your decision.

-ok, I forgot what the other ones were. Oops. Mom-entia strikes again.