February 26, 2009

The Cora Playground Project cont.

So, do you recall my original post about Cora Paige McClenahan? Then, remember I posted about The Cora Playground? Well, the Etsy movement for The Cora Playground is in full swing! I have been resisting the temptation to make daily purchases. You all know about my Etsy addiction.

Well, I thought I would highlight a couple of recent purchases, and remind you all to check out the listings. There are now over 650 listings with proceeds directed towards the playground. 650!!! Before I forget, here is the button. Just click on it to take you to all of the wonderful Etsy listings:


Here is an awesome art print I ordered and received (very quickly) from saratams:

Here are some great clippies for Little A this summer (hopefully) and a cute cupcake T-shirt and hair bow set for Sassy to wear on birthday number 3, both from simplychicbebe:

If you haven't already, go find something cute and help get this playground built!!

2 sweet tweets:

Kendra said...

I had been wondering what your daughters "real" names were...I LOVE them!! CUTE stuff!

colleen said...

I love that print I am going to HAVE to get one!Just have to work on the hubby. I am becoming at Etsy addict now, I have to blame it on you! heehee