February 3, 2009

To Brush or Not to Brush?

Sassy and I were in the bathroom getting ready for preschool this morning. We have a very exact teeth-brushing routine. Sassy climbs up on her pink step stool and opens up. I do all four "backs", I get the insides of the front and back teeth, she makes a "smile" and I get the fronts, she sticks out her tongue and I brush it, and then Sassy gets a turn. She leans over, I gather water in my hand, and she takes three sips- two to spit out and one to drink. We dry her mouth with a towel, and it's on to her hair. Concrete. Every day.

So, this morning, we were in the midst of our routine when Sassy exclaims, "Wait, mama, you forgot my molars"! (Which I did not...) I almost fell over. Sorry, Sassy, we won't forget your molars next time...

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Tyler said...

I'm actually surprised that this is the first time that little A has mentioned her molars to Heath. Little A and I when we brush teeth don't refer to her molars as back teeth, we say molars. Our night time routine normally consists of little A attempting to avoid teeth brushing then I persuade her by telling her if she behaves and cooperates she will get a turn.