February 2, 2009

It's Getting Out of Hand...

It's official. Etsy has proven to be the straw for this camel. I can't stay away. I could literally spend hours searching that website, and I still would need more time to find all of the cute things on there. While this is true, it's not my Etsy addiction that is getting out of hand...

It's Sassy's bedroom.

Once I start something, I tend to get on a roll. I fixate easily on making projects bigger and better. So, when we bought this house a year ago, I knew I wanted to make Sassy's bedroom extra special. Since Sassy's favorite color is green, we started there. I really ♥ green and pink together- I always have. Our powder room at the townhouse was green and pink and I had these two very cute pictures just begging for a new home. So, we decided to go with a green and pink theme.
Ty painted the walls, and I found a super cute bright pink blanket at Kohl's for Sassy's toddler bed. We bought some miscellaneous crib sheets that coordinated, and set up her toddler bed.

We had already purchased her wooden name letters from Dillard's- those letters were one of the few decorations we had hanging in her nursery at the townhouse. From there, I would venture to say that the wall hangings have gotten slightly out of control. I just keep finding cuter and cuter things. These are a few of my favorites- not including any of her several hangings with monikers... If you can't tell, the last one reads, "Small but Feisty"!

So, enough is enough. But, not really... last week I was searching etsy and found the most adorable hair bow holder from this shop. My Sassy definitely needs something for all of her "hair pretties", right? So, in the mail today came her brand new wall hanging... isn't it precious?

Tyler is going to totally roll his eyes at me when I ask him to pull out the hammer and nails for the new addition to Sassy's bedroom!

4 sweet tweets:

SassyEngineer said...

I know - the suitcase set is so cute! If I knew I would have a girl someday I would consider buying it. Maybe it will go on sale soon? I LOVE her room - of course being pink and green helps!

Shelley said...

Wow! You are really talented! What an adorable room. I can't wait to start on Claire's room! It too will be pink and green!

Might have to hit Etsy and check out one of those ribbon holders!

Tyler said...

Heath forgot to mention the most drastic part of the bedroom. The ceiling is HOT PINK. If the sun is right there is a pink glow comming from the room.

Kendra said...

I have yet to get hooked on Etsy, in fact, I have NEVER EVEN looked at one sight.
After this post, I am not ever going to either...I fear what will happen to my checkbook!!! HA!