February 20, 2009

Happy Friday!

So, I am supposed to write about 3+ things that have made me happy this week. Well, I am completely bummed out right now (more info to come) so I hope this nifty little exercise will be just the dose of light I need to perk up a little bit!

1. I got 2 new purses! Of course, I cannot find a picture of either online (it's called shopping from last season's lines at TJ Maxx). The first is a The Sak crochet purse in Tangerine. I am hoping my Cora flower will look amazing on it once it arrives. The second is a Red by Marc Ecko large black tote with cream contrast stitching- it will be great for fall and winter! And, both for a fraction of the price one would have cost at a department store.

2. I ordered new prescription glasses and... sunglasses! I have super sensitive eyes, so I rarely wear my glasses out of the house because I almost always wear sunglasses. Well, I finally decided to go for some Rx shades, and I am so excited! Bonus- Target Vision just called and said both pairs were in... and I just ordered them on Wednesday! Yipee!

3. Tyler has been getting some serious overtime. Overtime = the opposite of being out of work. This = good news!

4. Little A cut her two bottom teeth this week! How is this good news, you ask? Well, she is getting to be such a big girl and I can't hardly believe it. She will look so cute once those pearly whites emerge a little bit more.

So, what things have made you happy this week?

4 sweet tweets:

Anonymous said...

I got together with some girlfriends that I just adore last night with no kids. We never see each other without our kids.

My kids napped for two and half hours today and so did I!

My husband has the weekend off, which equals no overtime, but he has not had a weekend off since Thanksgiving, and this should equal me sleeping late.

♥Mrs. V said...

New purses are the greatest!

Noob Mommy said...

Yay for the two teeth! They look so adorable in pictures too :) Noob Baby cut hers at 4 months, and we've been waiting for some more....Have a great weekend!

Kendra said...

Three words: GIRL. SCOUT. COOKIES.