February 25, 2009

Get Away... I mean getaway!

I am very much in need of a little getaway. There has been so much going on lately- the emotions have taken a toll. So, I am super excited to announce that I will be spending approximately 42 hours on my own this weekend. Well, not totally on my own. Lynzee is on board. But "on my own". No hubby. No Sassy. No Little A.

I am a bit apprehensive about leaving Little A. Not that Ty won't do a bang up job with the girlies. It's just that she is so young. Since we are fresh on the weaning trail (reluctantly), I just don't know. Having done all the mental homework, all the hemming and hawing, I came to the conclusion that this is just what I need. A couple of days to clear my mind and take some of the stress away. Ahh... The prospect is so enticing!

So, what will we be doing, you ask... Well, we will head to Lynzee's parents' house Friday night. Stay the night, maybe catch a movie. We both have appointments Saturday morning to get our hair done. Cut and highlights, here I come. Then, it's off to Kansas City. Saturday afternoon: mission "super duper secret I am so not telling". Then, Legends awaits us. We will have a nice dinner and catch the late show at Stanford & Sons. We will be staying in a hotel Saturday night, hopefully sleeping in, and then off for a little shopping Sunday before heading back home.

Be jealous. It's OK. I understand.

5 sweet tweets:

SassyEngineer said...

I hope you have a wonderful time. It has been a stressful week for you so it will be a much needed break!

Sarah said...

Bottle feeding is sounding better and better, huh? And, no need to worry about 'pump and dump'! Knowing full well that as long as I am breastfeeding, I would NEVER get to do anything like this...I am a little jealous.

Kendra said...

Am jealous.
Glad you understand.

The Costellos said...

Compiling the invite list to my pity party as we speak...have a great time :)

Mae said...

Awesome! I hope you ladies have a fabulous time!!