February 8, 2009


Sassy and I were in the car yesterday, heading to a birthday party. Whenever we are in the car, Sassy pretty much talks non-stop (imagine that)...

She tells me, "I saw lots of aminals at the ZOO yestewday". (Yesterday is her term for anything that occurred in the past). Then she says, "I saw a wooster"!

"You saw a rooster?", I ask. "Cool".

"It said COCKADOO, COCKADOO", says Sassy.

I ask her, "What color was the rooster"?

She says, "It was pwobly bwown". She pauses. A logical answer, I think to myself. I glance back in the rearview mirror. I can tell her little brain is working away.

Then she says, "Or maybe is was PINK... or PURPLE"!

Here's to a fancy imagination!

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