October 25, 2009

My Little Tumble Tot!

Sassy has started a new adventure!

We have enrolled her in toddler tumbling at the rec center here in town, and she has had 2 classes so far. She has enjoyed it, for the most part. There are several girls she knows from PAT, and LMB is in her class, as well.

She was pretty excited to show me her moves before we left for class:

She's always in the mood for new skills:

The girls warmed up a bit:

After several tries, Sassy finally got the hang of this triceps stretch:

She did a little crab-walking:

And, some wall stands:

She is still working on her listening skills, how to follow directions, stand in line, wait her turn, etc. She is very sensitive, and she got her feelings hurt during the second class when her teacher told her to get off of the stacked mats and join the class in line. We had to take a break, and she was crying and pleading with me to take her home.

But, we stuck it out, and she was back to normal in no time. These are the things that she needs to work on, and I am trying hard to encourage her to roll with the punches a bit better. Currently, she can let one little setback ruin her day. I want to teach her how to brush it off and move on, or she will lead a miserable existence in this world. It's a hard lesson to teach while remaining empathetic and encouraging, though!

Sassy really enjoys tumbling class... so what if her favorite part is getting to wear her pink leotard? I'll update the tumbling situation once we have a few more classes!

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Kendra said...

So cute!! Tell Sassy lately I struggle with the same thing =). These hormones make me fall apart SO easily!! My world can crumble like THAT! HA!