November 3, 2009

Halloween Wrap-Up...

I am so behind the times in the world of blog... it's driving me crazy!!

We've had quite the busy Halloween season this year. We left off with our 2nd and 3rd Halloween parties the weekend prior to the big day. The following week, we had cause to celebrate Wednesday-Saturday!

The girls wore their Halloween outfits to MDO last Wednesday. I rarely get a decent picture of the two of them together anymore, so enjoy:

Isn't Little A gourd-geous??

Wednesday evening, Parents As Teachers held Move 'N' Groove, Spooktacular edition. The kids had a great time seeing their friends in costume and singing and dancing the night away. Sassy especially enjoyed the "leaf game", which involved sorting the leaves by color and shape!

Thursday evening, we headed to our Dillon's Marketplace for their Halloween event. The girls got to decorate mini pumpkins, participate in a cake walk, get tattoos and balloon animals, and play a few games.

Little A was the cutest little ladybug I have ever seen at Dillon's before:

They gave the kids sharpies to decorate their pumpkins with. Sharpies. Really, Dillon's? Do you have kids, Dillon's?

I couldn't decide which pumpkin was cuter. Well, actually, that's not true. The red & black one, hands down!

Sassy was SO proud of her big cake walk win:

There was definitely some BFF princess power being channeled... which brings me to this topic. Was I a little disappointed that Sassy did not want to wear her Little Red Riding Hood Costume that I spent a year putting together, including searching high and low for that organic red fleece cape, re- stitching said cape, and having an authentic hand-dyed dirndl from Germany shipped to the States? Yes. Was it worth it to disappoint her? No.

Future BFF's?? The jury's out...

The balloon station was a hit:

Sassy ♥'d her balloon flower bracelet!

On Friday evening, we went to a fundraiser event at my friend's daughter's preschool. We went last year, as well, and had a great time.

On the way to the event, Sassy started having a major coughing spell. Like, non-stop, 20-minutes, coughing her lungs up coughing. Crazy! I questioned whether or not we should turn around, but she would have had her little heart broken. Her coughing continued when we got there, so we basically power walked around the gym, hitting as many stations as we could in the shortest amount of time. I had some moms give me the why did you bring your sick kid out death stare. I felt pretty guilty- she was FINE at home, I swear...

She was still cute, though:

Picture of the girls together in their Halloween costumes, take 3,794. Epic Fail.

Fishing for treats:

Lollipop tree:

Little A spent most of the evening delighting in taking her hood on and off:

Kiddie Plinko. Love it!

Sassy was pretty bummed about feeling under the weather and having to leave her friends early, so once we got home, we gave the girls their Halloween buckets a day early.

I had just picked up a few Halloween odds and ends over the past few weeks, and the girls really enjoyed them!

In true 14-month old fashion, Little A enjoyed the container the most:

Sassy was thrilled to have glow-in-the-dark bracelets!

Sassy had a very rough night of coughing, and we decided to keep her home from tumbling class Saturday morning. She did a lot of resting and drinking plenty of fluids, and when it came time to trick-or-treat, we agreed that a little bit wouldn't hurt.

Our town has a small trunk-or-treat at the main park and then trick-or-treating at the downtown businesses, so that's what we stuck to. Graycop* came with us!

Sassy insisted on dressing up as Belle this time. Whatev. As much as I wanted her to be Little red riding Hood, she was a radiant Belle.

We did have a slight battle over her shoes. She wanted to wear her dress-up shoes, and I kept trying to convince her that those would be no good for outdoor trick-or-treating. I finally dug up a pair of gold mary janes that were put away for the future. Even though they were still a little big, I figured they would do the trick. After I promised her that these were, indeed, golden princess slippers, and after everyone in the house affirmed my claim, we were off!

Little A made Graycop her buddy, and he had the pleasure of carrying her throughout the evening. Better him than me... she's h-e-a-v-y!

Ty took Sassy up to each car for trunk-or-treating:

Sassy enjoyed checking out her goods:

Little A spent some time taking it all in:

She had a bundle of fun once we let her loose in a pile of leaves. Ah... fall!

We enjoyed a bit of trick-or-treating at the various downtown businesses:

All in all, we had a nice, rather brief time. In fact, Little A thought it was just ducky:

* Refer here for back story...

Phew. Another Halloween behind us. Sassy has already declared her costume choice for next year- a purple unicorn. We'll see if it lasts- her choice from last year held all throughout the year. I'm hoping to still have one more year to dress Little A however I choose... we'll see. Sassy told me that Little A will be a butterfly next year. I guess only time will tell...

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