November 5, 2009

The Mole

I was sleeping peacefully in my bed this morning when Sassy comes bolting into my bedroom. Exasperated, she starts spewing off this long, complicated story about how I need to come quick because there is a mole in our house by the front door and Graycop is outside killing it and he told her to stay inside so her feet stay warm but the mole is still inside but Graycop is outside and there is a mole...

Meanwhile, I have processed about 12% of what she has just stated. I ask her, "Sweetie, do you even know what a mole is?"

"Yesssss," she says. "There is a mole by the front door and you need to come see it and it is scary but it is not a bat, it's a mole, mommy."

I saunter out of bed expecting to see this:

Instead, this is what is hanging out by our front door:

"Oh, that's a moth, sweetie," I tell her.

"I told you there was a moth, mama," she replies.


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Kendra said...

Minor detail, really. =)