November 4, 2009

Monkeys & Turkeys and other things...

This past Sunday, we had a chance to attend a birthday party at My Gym for one of the girls' playmates. We had such a great time. Just like our first visit, the girls had a ball... no pun intended!

Sassy was a little jumping jack:

She enjoyed playing the parachute game with her friends:

Little A played on the bridge with her buddies:

Sassy crossed a few bridges herself:

Where's Sassy? We can't find her!!

Making Daddy proud:

She looks a little devious with those pigtails!


My friend Mandy made the cutest.cupcakes.EVER for her little guy's birthday- sock monkeys:

Little A thought her monkey was divine...

What a great birthday party- they really kept the kids entertained. I already had a master plan up my sleeve for Little A's 2nd birthday party, but I may just have to reconsider...

With all of that cupcake inspiration, I thought I'd take a stab in the cute cupcake category for my PAT playgroup, Grins & Squiggles. Our theme this month was Thanksgiving, turkeys, and all things "T"...

Clearly, there is a reason that Mandy should be doing this and not me! They sort of resembled turkeys, no??

Sassy made a turkey finger puppet:

And, she worked on a paper bag turkey:

Little A was unavailable to be photographed during craft time.

Her agent Graycop said she was too busy inhaling turkey cupcakes.

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