November 14, 2009


Let me bring you all up to speed...

Thursday, I took Little A back into the pediatrician's office. She does, indeed, still have a double ear infection. For whatever reason, the antibiotic originally prescribed was not working effectively. So, we are on antibiotic #2 with high hopes that things will resolve.

Worse case scenario- if she is not feeling better by Monday or Tuesday, we will have to return for IV or IM antibiotics for three days followed by a consultation with an ENT for tubes. Ugh.

The good news is that she has not been tugging at her ears or shaking her head, and her fever has finally gone away! So, I am optimistic that we will be able to continue on this treatment plan! She is still doing the breathing treatments twice a day and has not woken in the middle of the night with breathing troubles since Wednesday!

Along with lack of sleep, I blame my blog-slacking on work. I have been doing a lot of it this week. Yesterday, I traveled to Salina for a conference on collaboration with various early childhood organizations. Good stuff.

During one breakout session, we discussed getting along with others. We completed a version of the DISC assessment on ourselves, and talked about how to shift perspectives when dealing with different types of families. Anyway, I about fainted at how insanely accurate this was for me. Like, really.

It's humbling to have insight into your own shortcomings. I really liked what out presenter said about strengths overused equaling limitations. It was a great presentation!

Following the conference, Parents As Teachers held a special story-time in honor of Kansas Reads to Preschoolers week, beginning the 15th of this month.

This year's book selection is Wiggle by Doreen Cronin. The theme is fitness. We held a pajama party, and had 4 craft areas- dog ear headbands, lunch bag balls, cover your sneeze plates, and the glitter germ hand-washing station. Miss Debbie read Wiggle, and the kids "exercised" with rhythmic dance ribbons I threw together with ribbons and straws.

At the end, the kiddos enjoyed some milk and cookies. It was really nice to get out of the house with the girls, after a week of near-seclusion! Here are some pictures:

As if yesterday wasn't long enough, I took the opportunity to meet up with some friends for dinner at HuHot, gelato at Cocoa Dulce, and a Woodchuck Cider at Old Chicago.

I ♥ my peeps!

Now, I must be off to take Sassy to gymnastics and get ready for a birthday party this afternoon! Have a wonderful Saturday!

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