November 28, 2009

More Thanksgiving, Movie Madness, Black Friday, and Wedded Bliss...

I have SO much to get done this morning. So, in true Heather style, I will procrastinate a bit further and blog!

Tuesday evening, a few friends and I got together and went to see New Moon. I really enjoyed the book series, and I did see the first movie, but was rather disappointed with it. For the record, I thought New Moon was a much better movie. Especially considering that the second book was probably my least favorite.

Oh, and I'm sorry, but I think Taylor Lautner is attractive (so long as he is sporting the short hair). I know, I know. He's 17. But, he'll turn 18 in, like, three months. I'd appreciate it if you'd cut me some slack.

Back to Thanksgiving. We had a wonderfully relaxing day at home! The girls dressed up in some cute fall dresses, and we went outside to take pictures- it was such a beautiful day!

Sassy has become quite the little poser:

In fact, she's quite the little ham:

I thought this picture was so funny- she was jumping right out of the frame, with her crazy tights and all:

My beautiful Thanksgiving girls... I can't believe I captured this many pictures where they were both looking at the camera!

Little A, my little beauty:

Daddy and Sassy:

Mommy had to get in on the picture action:

And, this is after Little A ripped the sunglasses off of my face:

Mommy and Sassy took a turn for the camera:

We made our best attempt at a silly self-group shot:

Then, it was time to go inside for appetizers. We had shrimp cocktail on cream cheese, savory blue cheese pecan tarts, and cheese and crackers:

Oh, this is my favorite cheese spread Apricot cheddar:

Little A was pleased with the selection:

After snacks, we worked on finishing up dinner, and we did some dancing to the I-Pod tunes.

Oh, and we enjoyed some of these. Yum:

Our spread was delish...

...and we have leftovers for miles!

Little A destroyed her first real Thanksgiving plate!

We really had a great day together!

I didn't really hit the Black Friday shopping scene hard this year. Lynzee and I ventured out Friday afternoon to Toys 'R' Us, TJ Maxx, Target, World Market, and Bath & Body Works. Scored some good deals, crossed a few people off my shopping list...

Last night, Tom, Lynzee, Tyler, and I went to see 2012. I liked it. It was a bit insanely far-fetched, but enjoyable. Two movies in one week for me- WOW!

Now I must go wrap wedding gifts, hop in the shower, and somehow make it out the door in 71 minutes to head to Overland Park!

Congrats to Cory & Jami... can't wait to see you guys this evening!

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Kendra said...

That is quite a spread!!

I LOVE the family self-portrait =)