December 8, 2008

Christmas Part III

After Tyler's work party Saturday, we went downtown for the annual Christmas event. The concept of living in a small town resonated from the Christmas music blaring out of speaker atop the light posts by the library and being audible throughout town, to the familiar faces seen even though we do not really "know" many people here, to the local organizations having various "feeds" (i.e. spaghetti feed, soup feed, and so on) at every corner. They put on a pretty neat event.

It was just cold enough to feel like Christmas, yet not cold enough to be miserable. There were horse-drawn carriage rides, a petting zoo, pony rides for the kids, arts & crafts, cookies and hot chocolate, and Santa was at the bank for the kids to visit. Little A was much happier being outside this time around, and Sassy had fun riding the "horsey" and making an angel "ormanent" and a reindeer "ormanent".

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