December 8, 2008

Christmas Part IV

Sassy concentrating hard on the decorating at hand...

Deck the Halls with boughs of holly... FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA! We have officially decorated our humble abode for Christmas. Sassy has been talking about decorating for exactly 16 days, which is, coincidentally, the number of days since she has known and seen that Lynzee and the gang have had decorations up at their house... thanks, Lynz.

We pulled our 4 big red and green totes from storage in the basement. It's always so fun to open each tote and see what is inside... because, really, you forget what you have from year to year. I am one of those people that can look at a decoration or ornament and remember the time, the place, the people... One of my very favorite things is to unveil the things purchased during the after-Christmas sales from the previous year. It's so easy to forget what goodies you found when they were never really on display. It's like a built in surprise each year.

The one thing we could NOT find was our Christmas lights. We tore apart every tote, every box, looked under every bed, in every closet, and scoured the garage. No Christmas lights. So, we took a last minute trip to Target to buy some new ones (Sorry, but it's not Christmas without lights)... I promise you, as this blog is my witness, we will find those darn lights the minute we go to pack everything up until next year. Oh, well, that means twice the lights for next year. Maybe we can deck out the outside of the house, a la "Christmas Vacation"!

Sassy was SO into the decorating this year. It practically killed her to be patient while us "gwown-ups" put the tree together, and strung lights and garland on the tree, mantle, and staircase. She pulled out each "ormanent" one by one, and felt very important hanging them with care... in the bottom right corner of the tree. Yes, we have a bit of a congregation of "ormanents" in one spot, but I tell you, our tree looks better than it ever has before... at least to me.

Of course, we rounded out the evening with some homemade Scotch Shortbread, Plum Dumplings, and eggnog (for Ty and Sassy, at least. I say Y-U-C-K to the eggnog). Nothing like getting hopped up on a bunch of sugar before bed!

Now our tree is up, the ornaments hung, and the lights are aglow. It is so relaxing to me to sit in the front room with some Christmas music on and just take it all in. It's over way too soon!
Sassy taking the meaning of the word "stocking" way too literally... what... do we live in 1892? I mean, who calls them stocking anymore, anyway?:

Sassy, pre-decorating, enjoying some eggnog and the shortbread spoon. Mmm...

Tyler and Little A checking out some ornaments:

Sassy working hard to make her corner of the tree look pretty:

Sassy showing Little A an "ormanent":

Sassy with her post-decorating goodies:

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