April 18, 2009

Dentists and Bippy Fairies...

I've decided to spare you the horrendous details of our return trip from Minnesota. So, this edition of Easter Weekend: Minnesota is officially done.

On to more recent news...

Yesterday, Sassy had her q. 6-month dentist appointment. As many of you know, and some of you don't, Sassy is still very attached to her binky, which she affectionately calls her "bippy". I know, I know. The shame. Months ago, we finally drew the line in the sand and said she could absolutely ONLY have it while sleeping... both during naps and through the night.

I have spoken many times with our dentist about this issue. He reassured me that he would not take any steps to break her of it until she turned three, but strongly encouraged me to really work on it after our last appointment at 2 1/2. After a feeble attempt with poor results, I threw that idea out the window.

So, now, the dreaded 3-year visit was soon approaching, and I spent lots of time gearing Sassy up for what she was about to hear. The past several days, I have explained to her that when little girls and boys turn three years old, bippies become bad for their teeth. I explained to her that the dentist was going to tell her that... Sassy was a little apprehensive:

Anyway, this was out first trip to the pediatric dentist's new office, and it was really neat. The had a huge plasma screen TV with little gamer chairs for the kids to sit in, as well as a wall of video games.

After Sassy enjoyed those for a few minutes, we were called back into the office. Sassy did a great job letting the hygienist clean her teeth. She was a real trooper!

Once the dentist came in, Sassy became a little more nervous, but she was fine once I held her hand. The dentist counted her teeth and checked for cavities. He told us her teeth were beautiful, that she was doing a great job brushing, and that the spacing between her teeth looked perfect!

Sassy has a thickened superior labial frenum (the skin flap above your top front teeth that connects to your lip). We have known this since she was very young. Actually, this explains why, in most photos of Sassy smiling, you cannot see her top teeth.

During this visit, the dentist did notice that her frenum were slightly inflamed, and we spoke about how it has been bothering her during meals and brushing. We discussed the pros and cons of having the frenectomy performed. Basically, unless it becomes extremely bothersome, we will wait until it corrects itself or she becomes older. It sounds awful, but the majority of children with this have a traumatic enough injury to their face to split this on their own (i.e. face planting, which Sassy is good at). Otherwise, it will eventually need to be corrected, but it would be very traumatic for her at this age, and if it is performed too soon, it sometimes has to be repeated. Yuck!

On to the bippy issue. Unbeknownst to me, the dentist had several tactics up his sleeve. First, he explained to Sassy that he just had a baby and asked if she would leave all of her binkies at the office so he could give them to his baby. Sassy looked at him as if to say, "Do you sniff glue on a regular basis?" He pulls his trusty wallet out of his back pocket and shows her the picture of his baby, urging her once again to give his baby her binkies. Her response... "No."

It was time for Plan B. He unfurled a great plan of adventure, in which she would collect all of her binkies and put them in a special place. Then, while she slept, the binky fairy would come and take all her binkies to give to other babies, and in turn would leave her presents. Lots of presents. Sassy was thrilled. So was mom.

Sassy was totally on board. She hopped up, collected her prizes, and rushed to call Nana and tell her all about the bippy fairy as we waited for our ride.

Once we returned home, Sassy began to search high and low for all of her stashed bippies. She had some great hiding places. We talked about what she thought the bippy fairy would be bringing her. I mean, I was pretty clueless as to what was typical for the bippy fairy... apparently, a new guy (stuffed animal), a new blanket, and some snacks exemplifies the going rate.

Sassy was super excited, and honestly went to bed, no problems at all. I did mention the fact that not only does she sleep with a bippy, she also holds one in each hand and strokes them all night, right? Oh, I didn't? Sorry.

Mom took an impromptu trip the the store for some odds and ends, and we drifted off to sleep...

This morning, Sassy popped out of bed and started questioning whether the bippy fairy had come or not. I told her we'd have to see, but maybe we should wake up Daddy first. When he woke up, Ty asked Sassy if the bippy fairy had come. She said, "We'll haf to see, Daddy." Duh.

This is what Sassy left for the bippy fairy:

This is what was waiting for her:

Sassy loves her new guy and her new blanket. All is well in the Sweet Pea household.

Sassy is napping, as we speak, sans bippy.

Thank God for the bippy fairy!

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Mandy said...

Congrats Sassy! Cole "left" all his binkies in Texas. He did not know that until we got home, and just didn't have any that night. Bummer. He still tells us we need to go there fast and get them- uh, no. As for the lip procedure, both of our boys went face plant method, and it works quite effectively. Bleeds like crazy, but it works. Good luck, although face plant hurts, it's probably slightly less traumatic when it comes to liking dentists... I don't know.

Anonymous said...

How bizare. I had that procedure done, and I don't remember anything tramatic about it at all. I had a gap between my teeth, so it must have been done after my permanent teeth grew in...? And I do remember it. I am thinking I was more like eight. I will ask my mother about it tomorrow and let you know.

So glad the bippy thing went well!

Anne said...

We also did the "paci" fairy thing with Landon and it really did the trick. Glad its working for you too! Landon has the same problem with his lip and he always complains of it hurting. I didn't know it could be corrected by a good face plant! I will be watching for that.

The Costellos said...

Super awesome idea- and it sounds like it really works! Our 19 month old currently only gets "Deedees" when she sleeps too but man I'm dreading the day they go away all together. Congrats on a success!