September 21, 2009

In Other News...

I can't believe it took me nearly a week to post about our Chicago trip. It was pretty jam-packed.

We've had some other things going on since we've been home.

Sassy and Little A have resumed Mom's Day Out for the school year. They are both attending two days a week to give me a chance to get some more work in. Both girls are enjoying class and making new friends.

Sassy got a new pink princess dress from a friend's garage sale for $5. She pretty much hasn't taken it off since. She is a dress-up maniac!

Sassy has started to call Tyler and I rock-a-noodles. As in, Mom- you are such a silly rock-a-noodle.


I think.

Sassy had a friend sleep over for the first time Friday night. And, it wasn't your run-of-the-mill sleepover. No. It was a camp out!

Tom, LMB, and Lulu came over for roasting hot dogs and S'mores, and then LMB stayed the night with Sassy and Ty in the tent. They had a blast.

The gang:

Best buds:

Marshmallow preparation:

The roasting of the marshmallows:

Practicing for their pajama modeling days:

Scary faces:

Tent time:

The girls were very well behaved and Sassy can't wait to do it again. Lynzee, you're on deck...

Saturday, we participated in the Light the Night walk for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society:

Several members of our mommy group decided to fund raise and walk in honor of one of our members, L, who received treatment for Leukemia this summer. I am SO proud to say that out team raised almost $1400 for LLS research & family support. Yeah!

The LLS hosted a fabulous event... free pizza, ice cream, clowns, balloon animals, moonwalks, the list goes on...

We all wore blue, L's favorite color. Little A had a blast speed-crawling across the lawn of Exploration Place:

Here's a group shot of all the kiddos we could round up from out of the moonwalk at the moment:

Our team's honoree, owning with his rockin' new status for all to see:

Sassy thought her lit up balloon was pretty cool:

Here's the kids, taking a breather during the 2-mile walk:

I am so glad we participated!

As you can see, we've officially jumped right back busy Kansas life! It's been wonderful...

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the barnes family said...

You guys always have something so so fun going on! Your trip to Chicago looked like so much fun! By the way, Wheel of Fortune came about because I try to watch it everyday and one day we noticed that Mya had stopped playing to watch it too. And she does it every time it comes on! I think it's all the colors and spinning of the wheel...maybe it means she's going to be a genius!