January 27, 2010

Baby Delights…

(If your name is Kelli, and you are related to me… STOP READING THIS IMMEDIATELY…)pooh shower

Friends, I need your help. 

I am in the throws of planning a super fantastic baby shower for my dear cousin Kelli, who is expecting her first miracle baby late March/early April.

The big details are set.  The venue is booked.  The catering is in progress.  Invitations are sent (which I will, of course, share with you all once the shower in over.  We’re trying to keep as many details a surprise as possible…)

I digress.  I need your input.  What made your baby shower special?  What was the neatest thing about a favorite shower you attended?  Any special details that stood out in your mind?  A really fun game you played?  Over the top favors?  Must-have decorations?  Anything?  Anything at all?

So, here is the deal… I want to hear all about it.  Spare no details.  Spill it.

What’s that?  You need incentive?

Well, for the lucky one of you who comes up with my favorite suggestion to put to use… there will be a prize.

A surprise prize.

It’ll be good… I promise!

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The Costellos said...

I love that you posted this because I (and Mae too probably) will be stealing ideas because we have to plan a shower for our SIL and her TWO miracle babies!!)

My favorite thing from my shower was actually something I got after the shower was over. The got a scrapbooking paper notebook of sorts and filled it with a few of the best pictures from the shower. It also had personal messages written in it from all the people who had come to the shower. Such as awesome keepsake that's also decorated all cutsie like a scrapbooking craft. Means the world to me.

Kendra said...

Oh I have some good ones!! My sisters made me a little advice book from different kinds of scrapbooking paper, and had every guest write down their best baby advice. It was really special!

Also they had every one pre-address their thank you notes... I had no idea until the end of the party when my sister handed me a big stack of envelopes and a box of cards! HUGE time saver!! Also nice for those people whom you don't have addresses for.

Have more than one person taking pictures...in case someone screws up and deletes all their photos (like I DID!!).

Oh and I am a major sentimental person, so I wanted to save a napkin, and invitation, etc from each shower to put in my "baby box".

My favorite shower game is the candy bars melted in diapers one...do you know it? If not email me.

Have fun!!!

Shannon said...

I've only been to a handful of showers but my favorite game is the melted chocolate in the diapers.

My BFF is really into tabloids and celebrity gossip so I made a "Match the Celebrity to their Baby" game using photos of celebs on one side and photos of their kids on the other. Most matches won the game, bonus points if you could name the kiddo.

Oh and if you want something really special, make a diaper cake. Or you could order one *hint, hint*. They make great centerpieces as well as a gift! (If you want to know how, let me know! ;)

Tricia said...

I liked instead of greeting cards you write your name in a book for the baby to start his/her library.
Also, a group donation to get mom a gc for a mani/pedi or massage after the little one arives, advice for the new mom written on slips of paper.
A couple of games I love are guess the baby items by feel in like a 30 seconds to 1 minute
Baby karaoke - you split into teams and each team has 30 seconds to sing a line from a song that has baby in it without any repeats