January 25, 2010

Little Mommy...

Since I can remember, Sassy has adored her baby dolls. From her very first doll from Auntie Kelli- a little pillow-y baby that smelled like strawberries- to her newest baby- her American Girl twin doll, she just can't get enough of them.

She takes great care in getting them dressed, feeding them, putting them down for naps, covering them with blankets, taking them for walks in the stroller, etc, etc, etc.

It was fun to take a little walk down memory lane, er, at least as far as my digital memory can take me considering the fact that the first 23 months of Sassy's life are stored under my office desk on an external hard drive that won't turn on (anyone know how to fix this???)...

Sassy received her first "Special" baby for her 2nd birthday- a Corolle doll that she saw at Imagine That Toys and fell in love with. Mommy and Daddy bought it for her gift, as well as a baby care set that had all the little tolls and necessities to keep her in baby heaven for weeks...

The following summer, Sassy became obsessed with babies as we prepared her for Little A's arrival. She had a baby with her 24/7 and it was just the cutest thing:

I remember vividly taking the next picture. We were getting ready to leave for my OB appointment, and Sassy was playing with her baby as we waited for daddy to arrive home from work. My baby girl was just stunning this day, and I took many, many pictures of her that have become some of my absolute favorites of all time. Isn't she just beautiful?

Then, Little A was born. And, I captured this famous picture the day after we brought our sweet baby home. Daddy was giving her the sunshine she needed from the window for her jaundice, and Sassy proceeded to line up her babies to match:

When we'd play in the basement, Sassy would encircle herself with her babies, carefully giving each baby some attention before moving on to the next. Completely entertaining:

Nana paid us a visit in March, and Sassy had to feed her baby just like Nana fed Little A:

She even insisted on dressing up like a Mommy and wearing jewelry...

Even this summer when we visited a children's museum in Kansas City, Sassy headed straight for the doll hospital:

Over the past few months, Sassy has begun to play with her babies less and less. She is way more interested in playing dress-up or with her Build-A-Bears or her little princesses. A part of me became sad over this. She seems so grown up now, and I miss the days when she would prance around the house like a little Mommy all day long.

Little A is into babies, although not to the level that Sassy ever was. This Christmas, I decided it would be cute to get Little A a baby sling to carry her baby dolls in. And, the rule at our house is as follows. When you buy something for Little A, you are wise to buy one for Sassy, as well. Although rather unfortunate that we stoop to this level, it saves a lot of heartache in the end. So Little A received a baby sling for Christmas, and so did Sassy.

The other day, Sassy decided to play with her sling. I thought it certain that she would choose to use her American Girl twin doll, but instead, she chose to dig out her little Corolle doll from the basement archives. The same Corolle doll we so proudly gave her on her second birthday. She played with her so sweetly, stroking her hair, giving her kisses on the forehead. It was about the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

It's moments like these that make me thank God for his gift to us of sweet baby girls.

Beautiful baby girls.

Sweet, smart, silly baby girls.

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The Costellos said...

Love, love, love this post! You capture your girls so sweetly

The Hoffman Family-Adam, Laura, Easton & Emerson said...

She is looking more and more grown up! I love the pic of her and her baby with the sling. She looks so much older!