January 15, 2010


A few days ago, we awoke to find a very white situation outside.

And, snow it was not...

According to the lovely weather people here, we got to experience the phenomenon called hoarfrost.

As I was searching for this hyperlink, I was astonished. I never knew there were so many types of frost!

It's something I've never seen before. The ground was clear. Not a snowflake in sight. It didn't even feel that cold. But every.single.tree was coated white. It was so bizarre to see through the window.

Even more strange was the appearance once you got closer. Each little branch had teeny-tiny formations of ice. But, it was white. not clear ice that typically coats trees. It literally looked like something straight out of The Care Bears, where Professor Coldheart sprayed ice and frost to blanket Care-A-Lot in its entirety. It was wild.

I waited entirely way too long to get outside and take pictures, but I did get a few as the spectacular-ness of the frost was slowly diminishing. Still very cool, though...

When I picked Sassy up from school, she said to me, "Don't the trees look beautiful, mama?" "They do," I replied. "The have stuff all over them," she told me. "Yep," I said, "The trees have little icicles all over them!" "No, mama," she assured me. "They're not icicles. They are feathers."

Fair enough.

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Kendra said...

Very cool! I have never seen anything like that!
Love the pics. And the Carebears reference.