January 4, 2010

Not Me! 2010

Happy New Year, everyone!

Thought I'd bring it in with a bang and make my first post of twenty ten a Not Me! Monday... always a good time!

I did not spend the last 8 days of my life on a massive road trip with hubby and kiddos, driving across 6 states. Our trek looked a little something like this... KS-MO-IA-MN-WI-IL-IA-MO-KS. Phew. Makes me tired just looking at that.

We did not plan to arrive home Saturday to give ourselves a full recovery day before the real world resumed, only to decide to stay the extra day in Chicago, return home late last night, and scramble to get things together for work and Sassy's first day of real preschool today. Nope!

While in Chicago, I did not hair-cheat on my IL hair-stylist and go with my cousin to a fancy Aveda salon. I did not see the Princess and the Frog for the THIRD time! I did not eat pizza from Geo's and unhealthy food from Portillo's... twice.

While standing in line at Johnnie's, I did not, by happenstance, strike up a conversation with a couple from McPherson, KS; nor did we joke that we drove all the way for the beef sandwiches!

I did not take an apparent record low 275 pictures on my week long road trip. I would never ignore the brand new lens that sat in my camera bag that I was just desperately coveting for Christmas. Not me!

I do not have approximately 1,476,834 things more urgent to tend to as I type this little note. Nope. Not me!

Happy 2010!!!

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Shannon said...

What lens did you get?! I also got a new one for Christmas but I'm still trying to figure out the in's and outs!