January 17, 2010


Sassy: Sometimes, when I get hurt, I cry.
Mommy: Yep. It’s okay to cry if you get hurt.
S: Okay. But, sometimes I have to ask you.
M: Ask me what?
S: When I get hurt...
M: I don’t understand, sweetie.
S: When I bump my head, sometimes I have to ask you.
M: Do you mean tell me? You have to tell me when you bump your head?
S: Yes. And then you can give me a hug and a kiss.
M: It always feels better when Mommy gives hugs and kisses, doesn’t it?
S: Yeah.
M: Or Daddy. Or Nana. Or Graycop.
S: Yeah. Not (Little A) though. She doesn’t know how to give good kisses yet.
M: She’s learning.
S: But Charlie and Bumper do. They have really very strong tongues, don’t they?
M: Yeah.
S: But, I don’t have a very strong tongue.
M: Well, sweetie, that’s because we are humans and they are dogs.
S: I’m NOT a human!
M: We are, sweetie. We are people, and sometimes people are called human beings.
S: I am NOT people. I am a PRINCESS!
M: Right on.

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Deena said...

So funny and sweet! Love those car conversations :)