September 17, 2009

Labor Day Adentures Part II, Part II

Once we were finished at The Field Museum, we started waling through Grant Park and towards Buckingham Fountain.

Sassy love visiting the small fountains at Bradley Fair and other places, so we thought we'd give them a real fountain to look at!

The girls and I took a break at the benches while Tyler retrieved our car from Soldier Field. Our next stop was Millennium Park, and by the time we hit Michigan Ave, the last thing I wanted to do was walk back to the museum campus!

We moved on to Millennium Park. I have been wanting to visit since it opened, and I really didn't know what was in store, besides seeing the ever popular Cloud Gate sculpture, aka The Bean.

As we entered the park, one of the first things we saw was The Crown Fountain, comprised of 2- 50 foot tall glass block towers at each end of a reflection pool. It was a gorgeous day outside, so I just knew the girls had to enjoy this fountain!

We stripped Little A down to her diaper, and I tried to coax Sassy to get down to her undies, like all of the other kids. She wasn't having it! She wanted to keep her dress on, but I knew that we had a whole lot of activities ahead of us, and no extra clothes. She was growing very upset, and finally, I had a thought...

I dug to the bottom of Little A's diaper bag and found a 9 month Carter's romper in there. I figured we'd give it a try, and Sassy slipped right in it. It fit her like a glove bathing suit!

The girls had a blast:

After the girls drip-dried for a few moments, we got them dressed and headed out to see the rest of the park.

Sassy enjoyed sitting by the gardens with her Daddy:

We checked out some of the other sculptures:

Then it was time... Cloud Gate!

Sassy and Little A giggled at their reflections:

I got in on a little photo-taking fun, too:

Little A just loved seeing her face in that bean:

Here's my little family gazing up at the skyline side:

And, the skyline side... so pretty!

Everyone was getting hungry, so we decided to begin our trek up Michigan Avenue and The Magnificent Mile. Here are some of the cool buildings:

The WGN Building:

The Wrigley Building:

The Hancock Building:

The Original Water Tower, one of the few buildings to survive The Great Chicago Fire:

And, finally, our destination:

The mecca for 3-year-old girls. American Girl Place.

Nana and Graycop gave Sassy money to buy a Bitty Twins Doll, and Mom and Dad contributed money for an extra outfit.

We extended the suspense by eating at California Pizza Kitchen at Water Tower Place. Then it was time to shop!

Sassy ended up choosing the blond twin, just like her. She spent approximately 216 hours going back and forth and weighing her options as far as an extra outfit is concerned, and she finally chose a ballerina outfit, so that her baby could be like her in "dancing class".

We took one final picture for Nana and Graycop:

And, we returned to our car and headed back to Aunt Kathy and Uncle Joe's- EXHAUSTED, and ready for another fun-filled day to follow...

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