March 1, 2011

What in the World?

It's been an interesting few days here in the SPH. Busy. Chaotic. Messy.

I've been battling some sort of sinus thingie, and my head feels all swampy. Like, my brain is functioning at about 30%. Know what I mean?

Anyway, here are a couple of quips from the last few days that might make you go hmm...

On Brownies:

Saturday night, I went to BWW and then game night at a friend's house for MNO. A new member of our group brought these fabulous Oreo Brownies, and I was like, "hey, I just saw a recipe for those on a blog somewhere" and she reminded me just where I saw them, which was here, and coincidentally where she saw them, too. They were good. Like, seriously... GOOD.

So, Sassy's teacher had a birthday Saturday, and we decided on Sunday to make a batch of said brownies to add to her gift that Sassy was bringing to school Monday. I even told Sassy that she could have half of one, even though she is not really supposed to have chocolate. Just for a special treat.

Monday morning rolls around and I find that Tyler slept through his alarm. He got the girls going with breakfast (of brownies... horrible, I know) while I tried desperately to emerge from my swampiness and start my day. I was a little irritated that Sassy was eating chocolate again, but whatev.

We proceed to get ready for our day, and I gave the girls yogurt to balance out their brownie breakfast. Some time later, I was in my bathroom getting ready, and Sassy sprints down the hallway to tattle on her sister for stealing another brownie from the plate... she is chewing the last bit of what I can only assume is the brownie that she stole from the plate.


Does she think I was born yesterday?

I asked her what she was chewing on, and her head slumps down and her eyes avert to the floor. After some prodding (as if I needed a verbal confession) she admits that she took the teeniest little crumb of brownie for herself. Right...

The best part is, as painful as it is to admit, they both could have totally gotten away with the whole thing, as my level of supervision over them at the time left something to be desired. Kids.

On Cookies:

Tyler told me proudly last night that he was participating in a girl scout cookie eating contest at work today.


Oh, and there was a bracket.

And a trophy for the winner.

And the kicker- they reserved a conference room for the festivities.

Are you flipping kidding me? This is what you do at work all day?

I wished him, er, luck with a heavy eye roll.

This morning, I receive two separate emails from him.

Email #1- I am on to round 2.

To which I respond: Congrats. Mike or Amy? {Don't accuse me of not paying attention to you when you talk about work, dammit!}

Email #2- Mike, Amy dropped out at the last minute and another guy, Dan, had to take her place. I competed against Dan. I won in a final surge. He didn’t even drink anything, I don’t know how he finished. The final round will be tough. Mike beat Matt by 5 cookies.

Dear Lord help me.

That is all.

4 sweet tweets:

Zoeby said...

I want to work wherever Tyler works!

stephanie said...

what an interesting weekend with sweets! and i agree where does your husband work and can i get an application?! ; )

Anonymous said...

I am going to tell you right now that I could EASILY win that conteast. EASILY.

Katy said...

1) This post should have come with a warning for those of us on a diet...Oreo brownies and GS cookies?! Kill me now, my stomach is growling!

2) I would dominate that contest!