February 25, 2011

{Link Love}: Kiwi Freckles Style...

Since I've started reading Cherish's blog, Kiwi Freckles, I have just adored her link love posts- she includes a bunch of links within her writing. She gives just enough info so you are too intrigued not to go check them out. How fun!

Well, Cherish started a link-up encouraging us all to try her style. I'm excited to do so! Here goes...

I am totally salivating over this bedding for Tink's new bedroom. It's pretty expensive for our typical bedroom redo budget, but my toes are on the edge of the platform and I think I'm about to take the plunge!

If someone wants to buy me an early birthday present, I give you complete permission to buy this. Over the top? Completely. I LOVE it!

I really think this is begging to be a component to Sassy's spring wardrobe. I mean, seriously? She totally has the sense of style to pull it off, no?

I'm hoping they are planning a short vacation, because I want this... STAT!

I'm thinking this is going up in Tink's new bedroom, too!

We're making these for dinner tonight- don't they look delicious?

I giant-puffy-heart LOVE her. And this is one of a trillion reasons why.

Wow, that was SO fun! Join in, won't you?

4 sweet tweets:

Zoeby said...

That was fun! I clicked on every link :) Can't wait to hear how the dinner turned out.

Cherish Stockdale said...

Pretty sure Tink's new bedroom is going to be awesome! I love that bedding & print.

Both headbands are amazing and now I think I need both of them!! haha

So glad you linked up! :)

Marissa said...

Very well done! I don't even know HOW to make to links! (I am pretty computer illiterate.) Great stuff in the linkies!

breitenbach8 said...

One of the million reasons why I <3 Joys Hope...the oreo brownie recipe!