February 27, 2009

Girls Night (...and Day)!

Yesterday, the girls and I had some alone time. Tyler made plans to go to Coasters straight after work. Originally, he explained Coasters to me as a bike club he found out about through work that he had been invited to try. After some research of my own, I found Coasters to be a group of guys who get together and ride their bikes for approximately 3 seconds in between all of the time that they spend eating food and drinking beer in a variety of establishments around town. Yeah.

But, seeing as I am leaving town for 2 nights sans kids, I didn't have much pull in this argument. So, it was me and the girlies all day yesterday. Sassy had preschool in the morning, and then we played outside for a while in the gorgeous weather. I whipped up some lunch, and then it was time for naps (for the girls)...

Once everyone woke up, we headed up to Wichita. I took the girls to a park we really like. Sassy had a lot of fun looking at the ducks. Little A loved the swing. It was the first time I have really heard her laugh laugh. She was cracking up!

We made a trip out west to Babies 'R' Us, and then split a "sandlich" at Cinnamon's, as Sassy likes to call it. We went home, had baths, snuggled, and read books until Daddy came home. I will miss those munchkins this weekend!

Well, I am off to my weekend getaway. I'll be back Monday!

2 sweet tweets:

Kendra said...

Hope you are having a GREAT time on your weekend away! I LOVE the pic of little A grinning from ear to ear in the swing...that is JOY!!!

Mae said...

I agree - I love, love, love the picture of Little A! It made me laugh out loud. :) Have a wonderful time this weekend!