October 24, 2008

Halloween, Part I

Halloween has officially started for us! Last night, we went to a Costume Bash at Hillside Christian Church as a fundraiser for Discovery Place preschool (Sassy has friends that go there). So, it was our first chance to get the girls dressed up in their gear and enjoy the Halloween spirit.

We had a great time. For $8, they had a lot of neat activities for the kids. There were probably 15 Halloween themed games arranged around the room, and the kids got to pick one or two prizes each time they played a game. Some prizes consisted of candy, others were trinkets. Sassy was most excited about her vampire rubber duck and glow in the dark snake. They also had a bake sale, a silent auction with tons of neat things, and a huge bounce house.

Sassy and Little A got some oohs and ahs for their costumes... who hoo! I am totally into the spirit of this homemade costume thing now, even though only a small portion of our costumes were actually homemade. It was fun to be thrifty and try to do unique things, too. Is it bad that I already have both costumes picked out for the girls next year, and they are much loftier than these. I wonder if I will even be able to "sway" Sassy into what I want her to be next year- she will be 3. Geesh!

We have many more Halloween activities ahead, so stay tuned!

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