March 22, 2010

Spring Break Recap...

It was a crazy, busy week for us, with myself getting caught up on work and, er, blogging after being sick for a week. We had some fun, and here's the run-down:

Saturday: Attended LMB's 5th birthday party at Funtastics. It was, like, totally funtastic. Sassy was a fearless jumper-off-high-ledges. Little A kept Tyler on his toes the whole.ENTIRE.time. We ate cake.

Sunday: My parents took us to lunch at Red Robin- a late birthday celebration for me that was supposed to take place while I was sick. I was forced to wear balloon ears and endure serenade. Sassy and Little A ate my ice cream, sundae. Even the cherry on top.

Monday: My Dad and I drove the girls to Burger King to meet with some friends. I had very important Pampered Chef products to deliver from my party. Sassy climbed higher than she's ever climbed before. Little A spent half of lunch trying to shove apple fries up her nose. My Dad vowed to never enter a play place again.

Tuesday: My parents watched Little A so that Sassy and I could join Tom, Lynzee, and the gang at a real birthday day celebration at Pure Entertainment and lunch at Taco Bell. Sassy proceeded to attach to my leg like a leech and hardly jumped on anything once we got there. By the time she was finished with lunch, she looked as though she had rolled in a vat of cinnamon and sugar from her Cinnatwists. We bought a copy of... what else... The Princess & the Frog. After dinner, we had a Mom-daughter slumber party, watched the movie, ate popcorn, and snuggled. Oh, and earlier that day, Little A looked so cute playing with her Pinkalicious wand from BK:

Wednesday: Happy St. Patrick's Day! We woke up and got our corned beef and cabbage started. I did a mini photo shoot with Little A, then with Sassy. During nap time, Sassy and I baked homemade Irish Soda bread, which we enjoyed with dinner. We made extra, and Tyler and Sassy spent some time dispersing the extra loaves to neighbors and friends. Here are some extra pictures from our photo shoot out front:

And, she's done...

Thursday: The weather was gorgeous!!! I took Little A to the doctor in the morning for the usual... breathing crud. She got some steroids. After naps, my parents and I drove the girls to the zoo. We thought it would be a perfect way to spend the beautiful afternoon. So did the rest of Sedgwick County! Tyler met us after work. We spent a couple of hours there. Returned home, ate left-overs, and Lynzee and I went to an Uppercase Living open house at our friend Cammie's. Fell in love with half of the catalogue. I ordered one thing to start with for Little A's room. Can't wait to share when it's all up!

Friday: My parents, the girls, and I drove up to check out a new place to have Sassy's birthday and put down the deposit. As sad as I am to let go of the true-blue Alice in Wonderland tea party idea that we have been talking about for the past year, I am also relieved to simplify a bit and have a more adventurous, fun Alice in Wonderland birthday party... NOT at home! We went to Super Target and ate lunch at Famous Dave's.

Saturday: Girls attended MDO: weekend edition. Tyler and I did spring cleaning, laundry, and transitioned the girls closets from winter to spring/summer. This is an ALL DAY job. Sassy felt sick after she got home. Ran a small temp. and was very tired. Put girls down early, watched Twilight.

Sunday: Tyler had a side job. All day. During nap time for Little A, my Mom and I took Sassy to see Alice in Wonderland. She loved it. It's her favorite story. I was a bit concerned she would be terrified, ala Coraline, but nope. Made dinner. Gave the girls a bath. Put Little A down. Painted Sassy's fingers and toes. Put Sassy down. Waited for Tyler to get home. Watched Twilight: New Moon. Dreaded Monday morning and getting Sassy up and ready for school. The end.

P.S. I don't think I have ever eaten out so much in one week. Ick. OK, now it's really the end.

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Kendra said...

Jealous of the Red Robin and the Super Target...oh and all the jumping too =).

That's a fun filled week my friend!!

Mae said...

Phew! What a busy, busy week! Sounds like you're ready for a Spring Break break!