March 31, 2010

Hair Woes...

OK, friends...

I am about at my wit's end.

Little A will NOT allow me to do anything with her hair.

I have been putting up with the mullet jokes for months now.

I will admit, her hair is seemingly growing at a much more rapid rate in the back.

She will not leave a barrette in for more than 13 seconds. And, a rubber band? Forget it. She makes it her clear mission to rip it out of her hair and eat it as soon as I get it in place.

I can already envision the surgical removal of said rubber band from around her ischemic intestine as we speak...

Take exhibit A, for example. She had no sooner walked away from me, and she was already working on this one today.

I really want her to get used to having things in her hair, especially now that summer is coming and it's getting hotter.

What's a mom to do??

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The Hoffman Family-Adam, Laura, Easton & Emerson said...

Em is now 2.5 and will FINALLY let me put her hair up! It was a never ending battle in our house too. I feel your pain! Em's hair always looks like such a mess and is constantly in her eyes. My poor child always looks like a bum with her crazy hair. Just keep trying. I always made a big deal about it when I could get something in her hair. Take her to the mirror and tell her how cute she looked. Leave the pretty in.... Good Luck!