March 29, 2010

TICK TOCK on the clock, and other ramblings...

Happy Monday, friends! I just have a few thoughts and quibblings to share this fine March morn...

1. My first nephew is due to arrive today. We are all so excited! However, last I checked, he did not have his bags packed, nor was he ready to vacate his warm little nest. So, PSA to Tucker. It's time, baby boy! We are ready to meet you. Your time is UP in there. Ding!

2. Speaking of babies, my blog friend Kendra and her husband David welcomed two of the sweetest babies I've ever seen early Saturday morning! From the sounds of it, her labor and delivery were quite the adventure, but resulted in 2 healthy, nice-sized babes! HURRAY! Kendra, you are a CHAMP carrying those two as long as you did! We are thrilled for you, and please send your thoughts and prayers their way for a speedy recovery and all the joy in the world that these sweet babies will undoubtedly bring!

3. I am growing quite tired of this crazy Kansas weather. We stopped for lunch Saturday afternoon before a planned trip to Great Plains Nature Center. During lunch, it literally dropped 20 degrees in temperature, leaving us all dressed improperly for a nature hike. C'mon Kansas! I am ready for consistent 70's and sunny! Thanks!

4. Sassy, Graycop, and I went grocery shopping Friday afternoon. After loading the groceries in the car and beginning our drive home, I discovered that Sassy had officially stolen goods for the first time. Candy? No. Gum? No. Kumquats, people. Baby girl had a pocket full of kumquats to add to her treasures at home. Maybe it was a shout out to Mama K and her crew. I'm not quite sure.

Photo from The Cultured Cook

So, what's a Mom to do? I talked with her and she had ZERO concept that she had done anything wrong. I decided that it was not the time to drive back to Dillon's and march her inside to return the stolen fruit. We just talked about the fact that we have to pay for everything in the store, and that putting things in her pockets was not OK. Thoughts?

Have a great week, peeps!

2 sweet tweets:

Anonymous said...

No, you handled it fine. She is three (okay, pushing four, but if she honestly didn't know...). If she was seven, you would have had to turn around and go back.

Sherry said...

Congrats to all your baby-having friends! And yes, I'm ready for some consistent weather too, maybe this week will be the start of it. As for Sassy taking a little extra something from the store....uh-oh! :) When I managed Walgreens it happened ALL THE TIME (unfortunately the stealing came from slightly older kids who knew full that what they were doing was wrong), however, maybe next time you venture back into the store with her you can pull a manager or someone who looks like they have a bit of authority aside and ask Sassy to admit what she did and apologize, chances are the manager will handle it in such a way that she'll know she was wrong but won't feel like she's going to jail or anything. :) I always had such respect for the parents who brought their kids back in to apologize, it showed they wanted to teach their kids, no matter the age, a good lesson in life. Have fun!