June 16, 2010

Bikini Babe...

Today, Sassy and I were heading out the door to play in Lynzee's backyard with LMB and Lu Lu. They have a small kiddie pool set up in their backyard, and Sassy was excited to play in it. So, as we were walking out the door, this is the conversation that took place:

Sassy: Wait! Do you have my band-ang suit? (She used to call it a band-aid suit, and now it's more of a combination of that and bathing suit... we are headed in the right direction...)
Me: Yep!
Sassy: Is it my bikini?
Me: Sure is.
Sassy: Good. Then everyone can see my bebo. (Reference... and yes, she knows it is actually called a belly button... well, sort of...)
Me: I guess that's true. Is that a good thing?
Sassy: Well, yeah. {Insert NO DUH connotation and heavy eye roll here}
Me: Why is that, then??
Sassy: Because I have a pretty good lookin' bebo, you know...

BAH! MWAH HA HA. Should have known.

2 sweet tweets:

Shaila said...

Too cute! There's something so cute about a little girl in a bikini. M won't wear one because she's so modest. I can only pray that continues.

Kendra said...

HA! I think my favorite part is the "ya know" at the end! As in DUH!!!!