June 11, 2010

Sassy's Aspirations...

A while back, Sassy asked me if she could go to ouderpace to see the milky waves. I told her that to visit outer space, she would need to become an astronaut. She asked what an astronaut was, and I told her an astronaut was someone who traveled to outer space and studied things there.

I told her that to be an astronaut, she would have to go to school for a long, long time and do really well. She would have to practice math extra hard, and maybe her Daddy could help her with that.

So, a couple of days ago, she was riding in the Jeep with Nana and Graycop, and she told them all about how she wanted to be an astronaut when she growed up. She wanted to ride a space ship to ouderspace and see the milky waves and study the moon and the Earth and the planets. She told them how she would have to go to school a long, long time and go to preschool and college and even high school.

But, she told them, she would have to bring her Mommy with. When asked why, she said in case she got scared in ouderspace...

After all, that's what Mommy's are for, aren't they?


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rduxler said...

Just another way in which our two girls are so alike its scary. My Addy has been obsessed with space for months now, although she isn't as patient about going. She is constantly wanting to build a rocket ship so she can go, and seriously does not like to be told that while she can PRETEND to go to the moon, that to REALLY go to the moon she'll need to be an astronaut with a REAL rocket ship. Don't tell her she can't build a rocketship out of blankets and boxes and not have it be REAL. Seriously... it results in a lot of tears around here sometimes because she really wants to go and we can't convince her that its just not possible RIGHT NOW.