June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend, Take 2

Read about Memorial Day Weekend, Take 1 here.

Sunday morning, we felt surprisingly refreshed, having just spent the night with four humans in one bed, albeit a king.

Tyler took the girls downstairs for the continental breakfast while I caught an extra 20 minutes of sleep (I was up not feeling fabulous in the middle of the night... thankfully, it was very short-lived).

Once we were all showered, packed, and slathered in sunscreen, we took off and went to one of our favorite KC area haunts... Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. Again, if you are EVER in the area, you should definitely plan a stop here. So much fun!!

We bought each girl a punch card, and we made it through most of the activities despite the heat. Our girls are so fair, and they get flushed and overheated pretty quickly. Sassy was raring to go as soon as we entered!

We headed straight for the mining area. Sassy is still obsessed with rocks and gems, and Little A had never had a chance to do any mining, so we were all pretty excited! It went really well- Little A knew just which stones to pick out and which ones to leave. What a smart girl!

Daddy helped, too...

Next, we made our way over the the cow barn. Of course, the girls were asking for a snack, so I grabbed some Cheese Its from the little concession stand inside. Little A moo'd at the cows for a while, and we enjoyed the air conditioning.

We continued on the trail ahead, and Sassy took her pony ride. Unfortunately, Little A is still too, well, little. But, she enjoyed watching nonetheless.

We cashed in our fishing tickets after that. The girls were so excited. Being the overly cautious mama that I am, I insisted that Little A fish from her stroller (she is totally the type of kid that would jump right in for a swim), but she enjoyed herself just the same. Sassy thought it was hi-la-rious that we were using corn as bait. Better than the live worms they had us use last time, at least in my opinion!

After the girls grew tired of not catching any fish, we headed over to the best part of the farm... the baby goats! Each girl eagerly turned in their goat milk ticket in exchange for the coveted baby bottle filled with goats milk. No sooner did I remind Tyler to watch Little A carefully, than she had that goat bottle right in her mouth. Ah, well...

Sassy proudly took her turn feeding several goats. She cracks me up because she can make that milk last. She'll let a goat take a few sips and then pry it out of their mouth to find another hungry goat. Too funny!

Little A was a little stunned by the whole experience, namely because the goats swarmed her. It's like they knew she was a newbie or something. At one point, her little nose even got squished from the force the goats were pushing her backwards with. She still loved every moment, though.

We continued to explore the farm. Sassy was getting very hot and tired of walking. Tyler really wanted to go to the garden area, so we did. The girls each took a turn down the barn slide. Little A rested in Daddy's shoulders for a bit.

We finally made it to the gardens, but only stayed for a brief while. We were all getting ready for lunch and had taken in our fair share of sun. Little A was so hungry, she felt it necessary to swipe a strawberry from the garden and eat it on the spot!

We had originally planned to head to Zona Rosa and have lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, but the girls moods did not align well with this plan. So, we headed to Noodles & Co right in Overland Park, instead. Mmmm... macaroni & cheese! Little A had the best time with her new hat, too!

As one last treat, we made a quick stop at The Disney Store in Oak Park Mall, and let the girls ride the carousel, even though it did require a visit to the ATM and an insane ATM fee. Such is life.

The girls both zonked out on the way home, and we had a relatively peaceful ride, save for the torrential downpour. At least we had sunshine in KC! Our spontaneous rode trip with the girls was a blast!

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