January 26, 2011

The Cutting Edge...

aka A Lesson in Irony.

Thursday was an interesting sort of day.

I awoke to news of a "snow day" due to the icy road conditions. Twice in as many weeks... unheard of. But, I'll take it. I spent the morning sorting out home visit rescheduling and figuring out how to keep my sweet peas entertained. Failing miserable, I contacted Lynzee to see if it was worth the risk to try to get the girls together to entertain each other. We soon found out the the roads were in near perfect condition already, and we would have no problem navigating around town a bit.

We decided to feed the girls lunch at home, and then meet at McDonald's for a large Diet Coke and play time. We ran into half of our little town there... apparently everyone had the same idea. Since we arrived after normal lunch time, we parted with the masses soon after, and had a peaceful play session. Lynzee had planned to take LMB ice skating for the first time that afternoon, considering the roads were in great shape, and asked if Sassy and I would join them.

I was super hesitant to skate, between my lack of skill and my tumble last weekend, of which my ankle is still thanking me for daily. {Insert sarcasm} It was finally decided that I would accompany Lynzee, LMB, and Sassy to the arena, help Sassy get into her skates, and await Tyler's arrival there from a self-proclaimed early work release (he made up some time Friday)...

I did not want to skate for fear of falling and hurting myself further. Far enough, right?

Well, after Sassy's ice tumble last time, I decided it would be best for her to wear a helmet. It's amazing that I hadn't even considered that before we went last time- I'm typically very safety-minded. I did see other children wearing bike helmets at our last skate, so I thought it would be a smart idea to bring one. So, we trekked inside and I realized that I left the helmet int he van. The arena had helmets available for use with skate rental, so we settled on that. Until the helmet didn't fit. I decided I needed to go outside to Lynzee's van to retrieve the one that I knew was fitted properly for Miss Sassy.

I was on a mission, not paying to much attention to what I was doing, and as soon as I stepped foot outside the arena, I hit a patch of ice... the same patch of ice I had seen and cautiously navigated around ten minutes prior upon entering the first time, and fell HARD on my hands and knees. So much for my master plan to avoid further injury. Instead, I added insult. Grrr...

Once I returned inside, Lynzee took a spin cautious skate-gait around the rink to get used to things while I gave the girls a verbal definition and real-life example of irony in its truest form. Oh, and I took some pictures.

Miss Sassy, prepared for battle:

LMB, ready to show us what she's made of:

Skatin' fools:

I ♥ to see my little girl laugh with her BFF with utter inhibition!

Lynzee & LMB take the ice...

LMB was a bit sketchy on her skates at first, but things fell into place. Sassy and I continued to wait for Ty to get there. We cheered LMB on from the sidelines!

Finally, Ty arrived, and Sassy was able to skate, too. She was more fearful this time than last, which surprised me. She did a nice job, though, and she's definitely improving each time.

Lynzee and LMB made nice progress, too!

Tyler spent a great deal of time out on the ice with the girls, teaching them how to fall properly and get back up on their own. He taught them the penguin waddle, and they took great delight in seeing him purposefully fall and slide across the ice for them... over and over and over.

Both girls had a great time, and LMB did a fabulous job for her first time out on the ice!

Sassy in convinced that she wants to take ice skating lessons now. I don;t know exactly where this will head, as we cannot afford to put her into classes for everything, but I do love, love, LOVE her enthusiasm!

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