January 6, 2011

The Last Hoorah!

Considering we were up past 2:00 AM, the girls didn't do too shabby Saturday morning. They slept in until around 9:30, which Tyler and I were more than happy with. We lounged around for most of the morning, enjoying each other's company. Tyler and I sprang for Portillo's for lunch {yum!} and then we watched Tucker while Kelli & Randy visited Randy's sister in the hospital. Of course, I took advantage of the chance to take some adorable pictures of the little munchkin...

Sassy was all over him, as usual. Her and her crazy hair.

Tucker was making the funniest faces. He is such a little character. I love the picture on the top right here- he looks like a little old man!

Don;t you just want to pinch his chubby little cheeks right through the computer screen? Just me? Oh.

I love that he is such a serious little baby.

Oh, who are we kidding? I just love him to pieces and want to love him up 24/7.

Once Kelli & Randy returned, we went to Aunt Kathy & Uncle Joe's house to finally exchange gifts. I say finally because Sassy asked me no less than 152 times per day when she got to give everyone the gifts she went shopping for. Literally. Tucker had no problem digging right in...

It was so fun to watch Sassy watching everyone open her gifts, one by one. She literally rotated around the room and stood right in front of them as they opened their gift. She was so excited!

Tink was excited, too... in a different way. She wanted those gifts! She was over-the-moon ecstatic about getting some of her own dress-up clothes. So excited, in fact, that she decided to wear them all at once. HA! She totally channelled Joey, ala could I BE wearing any more clothes?

I am still pretty jealous of this polar bear ornament that Sassy bought Auntie Kelli and Uncle Randy. It was the last one, lest we would totally have one on our tree, as well! Guess it'll just have to be the item I swipe next year during our visit, ala the Christmas dog. I kid, I kid.

I snapped away as Auntie Kaitlin played with her nephew. Gosh, I'll miss that little booger. I can't believe he'll likely be a year old the next time I see him. Tear.

We also got to visit with Uncle Mikey and Bone and Danny, which was really great. It was a great night to spend some time together before we headed back to Kelli & Randy's, packed the car, and caught a few hours of sleep before the long drive home Sunday. It's been many, many years, but a big part of my heart still belongs to Chicago!

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Sherry said...

That looked like a fun visit with your family!! Tink looks absolutely adorable with all her dress up clothes on. She looks like a cute little pixie with her haircut, love it!