January 21, 2011

SPA: Sweet-ie Potato Soup

I have a hard time getting my sweet peas to eat vegetables. So, needless to say, I was thrilled to find a way to prepare Sweet Potato Soup in which they were willing to gobble it up.

I use the word "prepare" loosely.

I start out with a container of Imagine Creamy Sweet Potato Soup. I buy it at Dillon's Marketplace in the natural foods section. I warm the soup in a saucepan per the directions.

We dress the soup up with some fixins'. This day, we used Snowman marshmallows, a la sweet potato casserole. The girls got the slightest sprinkling of Pampered Chef Sweet Cinnamon Sprinkle seasoning (also great on a bagel with cream cheese), whereas I topped the grown-up soup with Pampered Chef Cinnamon Plus Spice Blend (with a hint of orange)... Another night, we prepared this with a sprinkle of Splenda brown sugar blend- just something to give it a bit of sweetness. I think I preferred it this way. In any case, we think it's delicious!

And, voila... a steamy, dreamy bowl of soup for a cold winter's night.

We usually pair our soup with toasted whole wheat and cheese sandwiches, which make for a great complement. I think we may try these next time...

3 sweet tweets:

Sarah said...

We have about 30 pounds of sweet potatoes (long story) so I am always looking for ways to use them. The other night I made a traditional potato soup base but used chunked sweet potatoes rather than white potatoes. It was a big hit!

Stephanie said...

that sounds delish! my little sweet pea wont eat very many veggies either ; / so i may have to try this! thanks!

Mrs. D said...

Sounds yummy! We make many dishes with sweet potatoes. Can not get enough of them. Just the other night we made sweet potato chili, to die for! We will have to try this as well, yum, yum!