January 14, 2011

Read 2011.

I love to read. Ever since I was a little girl, I've found books to be an amazingly positive outlet for learning & growth and escape from the responsibilities of every day life. With that said, over the past 5 years, as my responsibilities have increased, my reading output has seemingly decreased exponentially. In plain terms- I don't read books anymore.

Sure, when my favorite author comes out with a new release, I'll grab it and squeeze it in. When I'm on a road trip, I'll bring a book or two with good intentions and thumb through it now and again. But, reading books has fallen so far down on my list of priorities, it's kissing the floor. It's on, like, page 32 of my check list. It's pitiful, really.

Last week, I stumbled upon a new blog and was instantly inspired by this: her 2011 reading plan.

What a novel idea. {pun intended}

I thought to myself, I can do that!

But, wait... can I?

I mean, I can probably count the number of real, actual books I read for pleasure last year on, well, 2 fingers.

Committing to 12 books this year is a huge leap for me. But, I think I can do it.

Once I got to thinking about it, there are so many books I've been wanting to read. Tyler and I have a running joke because I am a member of Paperback Swap, and I am constantly getting new books, but rarely never reading them. He teases me about it all the time!

Coming up with a list of twelve was easy- especially since my two favorite authors have new releases coming out this year! Here is the plan:

January- Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
February- Ape House: A Novel by Sara Gruen
March- Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult
April- A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick
May- Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford
June- The Bright Forever by Lee Martin
July- The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen
August- The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
September- Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner
October- The Immortal Life Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
November- Little Bee by Chris Cleave
December- Matchless: A Christmas Story by Gregory Maguire

I am pretty excited to have a plan! Have you read any of these titles? Any thoughts on my list? Questions? Feel free to plan on reading along- I'd love to have some discussion if anyone is interested...

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Kendra said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jennifer Weiner. She is like my favorite! Well, expect I didn't love Certain Girls...but I will be curious to hear your review of Fly Away Home!

Cammie G said...

I read The Bright Forever a couple of years ago and really liked it. Looks like you have a good list going!

**** said...

Heather, I've had nearly the same post, verbatim, saved in my drafts forever now! I just can't commit myself to a reading list, though I know I need to.

I'd love to join you - maybe I can reserve a copy of each at the library.

Cherish Stockdale said...

The Hunger games is amazing.... I think you are gonna have to read all 3! I want to read little bee.... I think this is a great idea! :)

rduxler said...

I've started using Mike's Kindle when I'm trying to get Baby A to sleep, and I have been able to read so much more! When I do read though, even magazines and 'real' books, its usually non-fiction. I'd love to start getting back into reading fiction books, and so I'm going to get the Hunger Games now, and see if I can keep up... ;)

Ian said...

Ooh! I totally missed this post! I'm stoked about doing the book club with you again. I hope it works out. Thanks for giving me some motivation to start reading again, too!