January 24, 2011


aka The One Where My Two and Four-Year-Olds Get Hair Extensions...

Saturday morning, Tink had an appointment to get her little pixie coiffure trimmed up. I love the hair salon we've finally settled in at here in Kansas. It only took us four-and-a-half years, but who's counting?

Anyway, Tyler was working overtime, so Sassy accompanied us. As soon as we walked in, we spotted a little girl of about 7 or 8 getting her hair styled in the corner chair. Nikki, our go-to-gal, brought us over to take a closer look at what was going on. The little girl was getting Hair Flairs tinsel extensions, just a few strands for the slightest bling, and it looked so cute!

Sassy fell immediately in love, of course. The price was so reasonable, and I just couldn't say no. The extensions last 3-5 weeks, and can be washed, dried, straightened, curled, etc. I let the girls choose whichever "modest" color they wanted. At first Sassy wanted the bright blue, and I just wasn't sure if I was that cool a Mama. HA! Maybe when you're six, sweetie. The application was painless and took no time at all.

So, now the girls are proudly rockin' their glitter hair. They've experienced the art of hair extension before I have. What's up with that? Subtle, especially in the pics, but so, so cute!

Tink chose light pink. Doesn't she look more sprite-ly than ever?

She's my silly little monkey girl, that's for sure!

Sassy made no qualms about letting everyone know that her extensions were called diamond, and she has diamonds in her hair. Diamonds. Got that?

Made me laugh, because all I could think of was all the ladies I know who have diamonds in their hair and promptly pluck them out! HA!

Of course, we had to replace the headband of the day and take some pictures that way, too. Sassy wouldn't have it any other way...

It's so fun, having girls! ♥

4 sweet tweets:

Kendra said...

Oh wow - those are SO cute!! And I love how you can see the pride of both of their little faces =)

Stephanie said...

how adorable is that! i've never heard of such a thing! love it!

Sherry said...

Sooo pretty!! They made great choices!

Mindy M. Harris said...

super cute! i love having a daughter. it's the BEST THING in the whole wide world. i would have 10 daughters if i was, uh, crazy!