January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. & The ONEder Fund...

I'm not sure I have the words to adequately express what a day of remembrance for Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. means to me.

In my mind, he is forefront with his work towards equality in this nation. No other, that I can recollect, has uttered more poignant truths or shared more zealous passion to abolish intolerance and hate.

It boggles my mind that, such a short time ago, we were in the throws of racial inequality; bogged down by hate and ridicule and animosity towards one another. We have a long, long way to go, but look how far we've come.

This drastic change, in such a short period of time, is what gives me hope. It gives me hope that one day soon, we will stop relishing in our differences. That we will stop hating one another for our individual characteristics while lacking the wherewithal to self reflect. That we will be able to look inside and change the ugliness in our hearts instead of trying to change one another in perpetuance of hate.

There are countless qualities I want to teach my girls, and above all is tolerance. I want my girls to be able to look at anyonee and find good qualities. I want them to be able to name ways that each and every person they encounter can be a positive light in this world. I want them to see goodness.

Going along with this theme, I find that now is a very appropriate time to introduce you, if you haven't fallen deeply in love already, to Miss Nella. Nella, born nearly a year ago, is a delightful little lady. Nella, unbeknownst to her adoring parents at the time, was born with a special little gift- an extra chromosome. Never have I witnessed a more beautiful birth story than hers. Kelle, Nella's Mama, has such a gift with words, and an even more impressive gift with photography.

Their lives were turned upside down when they learned what special challenges lie ahead for them in raising a little girl with special needs. Turned upside down in the best possible way imaginable, of course! It is now their mission to elicit support for the NDSS and their drive for tolerance and acceptance for all individuals with Down Syndrome. Kelle started Nella's ONEder Fund ten days ago as a way to honor her little Nella's first birthday by raising funds to support NDSS. She hoped that a few of her readers might give up their daily coffee or monthly fashion magazine to support her cause...

What she didn't expect was this monumental outpouring of support. We gave here in the SPH. So did many, many others. Now, it's your turn! You can go right here to make your donation and support this awesome cause! Thank God Kelle had a dream! Look what it's done so far! First, the goal was a lofty $15,000. Then $30,000. Then $47,000 for 47 fabulous chromosomes. Then $63,000. And beyond. Yeah. Speechless. But, don't think that what you can afford won't count. Because it sure will. Oh, and you'll probably want to take the 7 minutes to watch this video. Really. Trust me.

Thanks for reading! Now, go make a difference!

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