January 15, 2011

Mark Fletcher Photography

Remember when I told you that an old friend did some shots for us over Christmas break in Chicago? I promised to share a few of my favorites with you all, which has been an exceedingly difficult task because I love them all so much!

All pictures by Mark Fletcher Photography, ©Mark Fletcher Photography... I placed some of them in collages to make things go a bit quicker, but everything is shown with Mark's original crop ratio and watermark. So, if you think the collages are terrible, don't blame Mark for poor storyboarding! Keep in mind these are low resolution examples!:

Aren't they just fabulous, if I do say so myself? Which are your favorites? There are a hundred more I wanted to share, but, you know...

Mark worked fantastically with my sweet peas, and made them feel very much at ease. Maybe too much. Sassy definitely lived up to her nickname this day! I had zero stress over the shoot, which is completely new for me! Thanks again, Mark!

So, all you Chicago area peeps of mine: you must consider Mark for your next photo shoot. He has great ideas and wonderful skills, and you need some pictures, too! Make sure you tell him I sent ya!

3 sweet tweets:

Zoeby said...

Those are completely precious! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the two girls bundled up in the snow. Absolutely perfect!

Helen Ginger said...

They're all wonderful. My favorite is the one with the snowball on her head.

Kendra said...

Oh my word...beautiful. I LOVE the family pics especially! Please tell me you are framing some of those!