May 18, 2011

Classroom Celebrations, Appreciating Teachers, and Child Find...

Yep, that's right. To the point is where I need to be right now to get all caught up. Forgive me.

The week following Sassy's birthday is nothing short of a blur at this point. In one little week, we had a boatload of activities plus a garage sale to get ready for.

I felt like the mayor of crazy town.

Now, that would have been a more intriguing blog title, huh?

On Monday, I brought treats to Sassy's preschool for her to share with her little friends. I was able to watch a coloring activity before her little "party", and she was just tickled pink {and back to being pretty shy} when her classmates sang to her. ♥

Crazy week also included Teacher Appreciation Week, and a couple of the Moms from Sassy's classroom helped me plan & carry out a really awesome week of goodies for Mrs. B and the two paras. It was fun to do, and to say these ladies deserved it is an understatement!

This is what our week looked like...

Monday: packets with "library card" thank you note, notepads, and stickers
Tuesday: Spa Buckets with foot lotion, pedi sets, nail polish, and key chain hand sanitizer
Wednesday: An ice bucket with favorite pop and a snack spread of favorite's (gourmet popcorn, chips & salsa, and peanut butter filled pretzels)
Thursday: A HuHot gift card & a paper mache apple
Friday: Sonic Happy Hour drinks and a favorite sweet treat (M&M's, sweet tarts, and dark chocolate covered pretzels)

Wednesday was MDO and our major garage sale setup day, but first, Tyler & I took Tink to the Child Find Clinic/3-yr old screening/Identifier for preschool peer models {the program Sassy is in}. Needless to say, she was excited.

You may even say she was jumping for joy.

Tink did very well at her screening, and as long as she fits in well during her observation days this week {that's right... she's trying out 2 days of real preschool this week. MY BABY!} she will be offered a spot as a peer model this fall in the 3-year-old classroom! Way to go, Tink!

And so began our week of CrAzY...

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