May 10, 2011

Soccer Saturdays...

As you know, we've spent many of the last Saturdays enjoying Miss Sassy showcase her soccer skills.

Or something like that.

I ♥ the fact that she's loving soccer. Really, I do. I'm not sure how much I am loving the fact that my life is dictated by her sports schedule {read soccer and dance and t-ball}, and she is barely FIVE, but I had better get used to it, I suppose.

Anyway, soccer.

We had a house guest over Sassy's birthday weekend. My good friend Bastian has recently decided to move back to Germany... for good. I am very happy that he and Nicole are happy with this decision, but sad at the same time. I don't like not knowing the next time I will see him. I feel grateful to have been able to spend one last weekend with him! So, he naturally accompanied us to Sassy's soccer game, and it's a good thing he did- he completely kept Tink entertained so I could take some pictures!

Oh, wait... I was supposed to be taking pictures of the real game, huh?

The girls are so stinkin' cute out there!

Tink had a blast playing soccer with Uncle Bastian! She has some moves, let me tell you. She can trap the ball better than most of Sassy's teammates. A little soccer phenom in the making, maybe?

Sassy actually got in there a bit during this game, which was thrilling to see. She's improved a lot on just a few short weeks!

It surprises me how much those girls hustle out there. They do a wonderful job, and they've really come together as a team!

Here's a closer shot of LMB doing her thing...

Way to go Smurfettes!

One last Saturday game, and your season will be over! We are all proud of you girls!

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Sherry said...

She looks like she's having a blast out there, and that's what matters right?! :) You are one busy mama!